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Definition of Inoculants Inoculation treatment refers to adding a small amount of other substances to the liquid metal during the solidification process of cast iron to promote nucleation, inhibit growth, and achieve the purpose of refining the g...

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What is Silicon Metal?

What is Silicon Metal? Silicon metal, also known as industrial silicon or crystalline silicon, is usually produced by reducing silicon dioxide with carbon in an electric furnace. Its main uses are as additives for non-iron-based alloys and starti...

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Calcium Silicon Market Price Analysis (11.13-11.17)

1. Review of the calcium silicon market this week (1) Domestic market price Mark District November 17th November 10th Chg Chinese standard ca1 Shanxi 11800-12000 11900-12100 ↓100 Ningxia 11800-12000 11900-12100 ↓100...

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What is Chromium Silicon Alloy?

What is silicon chromium alloy? A ferroalloy is mainly composed of silicon, chromium, and iron. Also known as silicon-chromium alloy. It is mainly used as a master alloy for the production of medium, low and micro carbon iron by electrosilicother...

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What is Calcium Silicon Barium Alloy?

What is Calcium Silicon Barium Alloy? Calcium silicon barium is a new type of composite deoxidizer. The calcium silicon barium alloy is an alloy smelted from silica, barite, and limestone as the main raw materials. It can be used as a deoxidizer,...

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Unlocking Steel’s Potential: The Diverse Applications of Ferro Phosphorus for Enhanced Performance and Durability

Ferro Phosphorus is obtained from the phosphorus electric furnace. It is a symbiotic compound containing 20-26% phosphorus and 0.1-6% silicon, capable of altering the corrosion resistance and machinability of steel. In the steelmaking industry, fe...

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