Introduction and Applications of Atomized Ferrosilicon Powder

Atomized ferrosilicon powder is created using water atomization technology, which transforms ferrosilicon into spherical particles. This technology results in smaller, more uniform particles compared to conventionally ground ferrosilicon powder. T...

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What is Silicon Barium Inoculant?

What is Silicon Barium Inoculant? Silicon barium inoculant is used as an inoculant for casting and a deoxidizer for steelmaking. When used as an inoculant for casting, it can promote the formation of Type A graphite, refine the eutectic grains, i...

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Silicon-Calcium, Silicon-Barium and Metal Calcium Price Analysis In April 2024

This month, the demand from steel and foundry enterprises remains unchanged, but the upward trend in raw material markets, coupled with reduced production by alloy companies during the previous sluggish market conditions, has led to a bottoming ou...

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LSFerroalloy Company Celebrated Two-year Anniversary!

The LSFerroalloy celebrated its two-year anniversary. To mark this significant occasion, the company decided to hold a barbecue event. It wasn't just a celebration, it was also an opportunity to bring colleagues closer together and enhance team co...

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What is the difference between medium carbon ferromanganese and low carbon ferromanganese?

The differences between medium carbon ferromanganese and low carbon ferromanganese lie primarily in their carbon content, which in turn affects their chemical composition and properties. Let's delve into these variances to understand their distinc...

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LSFerroalloy extends warm wishes to all our clients for Labor Day!

As the vibrant colors of May bloom around us, LSFerroalloy extends warm wishes to all our cherished clients for a joyous and fulfilling Labor Day. This special occasion serves as a poignant reminder of the indomitable spirit of labor and the remar...

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