What is soda feldspar?

Soda feldspar is usually a clean, white mineral that contains sodium, alumina, and silica, as well as some potassium and calcium. None of the actual materials have the ideal formulation shown here, they all contain some K2O and small amounts of other contaminants. If Na2O predominates over K2O, manufacturers refer to their material as “soda” (if neither oxide predominates, manufacturers usually refer to their material as soda-potassium feldspar (and vice versa). Nepheline orthoclase is often used in similar situations, but it has a higher alumina content (usually albite’s lower alumina content provides more room for alumina sourcing ball clay or kaolin glaze formulations to to help suspend the slurry).

Albite is the albite mineral from which it is extracted and generally tends to be whiter in appearance compared to the pink hue of the orthoclase mineral from which the potassium feldspar is ground.

In many cases, soda and potassium feldspar are interchangeable in glaze recipes. However, some differences will be apparent. Soda feldspar usually melts better. In addition, slightly different color responses are encountered (i.e. cobalt favors copper, and soda stone favors blue). Sometimes, soda feldspar is brighter in color. In addition, soda ash has a higher coefficient of expansion, melts earlier, and has a shorter range before it begins to volatilize.

What is soda feldspar used for?

Alkali feldspars, especially the potassium source alkali feldspars, are particularly suitable for industry due to their wide range of applications. They play a key role in the production of fillers in the paint, rubber, adhesives and plastics industries. They are also used as fluxing agents in glass and ceramic applications.

Generally speaking, most of the products we use every day are made of feldspar. This includes floor tiles and shower tray bathrooms, drinking water and other liquid glass, insulating fiberglass, and different types of cutlery for cutlery.

In fact, many popular gemstones, such as sunstone, moonstone, labradorite, spectrolite, and amazonite, are feldspar minerals.

soda feldspar

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