Prospects for Albite

Sodium feldspar, a kind of feldspar, is a common feldspar mineral. It is a sodium aluminosilicate. off-white. Albite is a sodium mineral in plagioclase solid solution series, with a triclinoid structure, and it exists in many rocks, among which it is most common in pegmatite and granite.



Albite can be widely used in industrial fields. In the ceramic industry, Soda feldspar can be used as a flux and a component of ceramic bodies, mainly used in the field of the low-temperature firing of ceramics, which can reduce fuel consumption, reduce water absorption of green bodies, improve the mechanical strength of green bodies, etc. It is used as a glaze in ceramics; albite can form brittle glassy crystals, and can also be used as a flux in the manufacture of glass, enamel, etc.; albite can also be used as a raw material for elemental sodium in the field of fertilizer production. Among them, ceramics is the main downstream market of albite, accounting for about 32% of the demand.

In nature, sodium feldspar exists as a mineral. In addition to being most commonly found in pegmatites and granites, it is also distributed in low-grade metamorphic rocks and sedimentary rocks. my country’s albite reserves are relatively rich, and mineral resources are widely distributed in Guizhou, Guangxi, Hunan, Henan, Shaanxi, Hebei, Shandong, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning and other places. Jiepai Town, Hunan Province, China is rich in albite resource reserves and has many mining and related processing enterprises. It is one of the main suppliers of albite in China.

There are a large number of albite enterprises in China, and private enterprises occupy a dominant position. Most of them are small in scale, backward in mining and processing technology, mining the rich and abandoning the poor, and a serious waste of resources, resulting in a continuous decline in the grade of sodium feldspar mines in my country. China’s environmental protection policies are becoming more and more stringent, the country’s emphasis on the rational use of non-renewable resources has been increasing, the albite industry structure has been continuously adjusted and optimized, backward production capacity has gradually withdrawn, industrial-scale development has become a trend, and the development space of small and medium-sized enterprises is shrinking.

Ceramics and glass are the main downstream application markets of albite. Under the background of manufacturing transformation and upgrading and high-end market demand, the product structure of China’s ceramics and glass industry has been continuously optimized. High-quality albite has become a market demand trend. The albite enterprises without the production capacity of high-quality products and will gradually withdraw from the market in the future. This is another important factor to promote the large-scale development of China’s soda feldspar industry. Overall, the concentration of the albite industry in China will continue to increase in the future.


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