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Calcium Silicon Cored Wire(CaSi Cored Wire) is a type of cored wire used in steelmaking and foundry applications. It is designed to introduce precise amounts of calcium and silicon into molten steel, contributing to deoxidation, desulfurization, and alloying. By facilitating these crucial reactions, the cored wire enhances the quality, cleanliness, and mechanical properties of the steel.


Calcium Silicon Cored Wire in Metallurgy

Calcium silicon cored wire is a product used in metallurgy, where alloy powder is wrapped with a steel strip.

Applications of Calcium Silicon Cored Wire

Calcium silicon cored wire finds its primary use in steelmaking and casting. In steelmaking, it serves several essential purposes:

  1. Inclusion Purification: It purifies steel inclusions, enhancing the quality of the steel.
  2. Improved Castability: It improves the castability of molten steel.
  3. Enhanced Steel Performance: It enhances the overall performance of the steel.
  4. Increased Alloy Yield: This wire significantly increases the yield of alloys.
  5. Reduced Alloy Consumption: It reduces the consumption of alloys.
  6. Cost Savings: It helps reduce steelmaking costs, resulting in significant economic benefits.

Other Alloy Cored Wires

Apart from calcium silicon cored wire, we also offer various other types of alloy cored wires, including:

  • Silicon-calcium cored wire
  • Silicon-manganese-calcium wire
  • Silicon-calcium-barium wire
  • Barium-aluminum wire
  • Aluminum-calcium wire
  • Calcium-iron wire
  • Pure calcium wire

These wires are wound in a coil-like shape and differ from those used in the textile industry.

Packaging of Calcium Silicon Cored Wire

We offer both horizontal and vertical packaging options. Our products are packed in waterproof plastic bags within steel cages.

Advantages of Calcium Silicon Cored Wire

Using calcium silicon cored wire provides several advantages:

  • Facilitates control over easily oxidized and trace elements in the composition.
  • Reduces smelting costs and shortens smelting time.
  • Ensures precise ingredient control.
  • Improves molten steel quality and casting.
  • The ferroalloy powder is firmly coated on the cold-rolled steel strip, ensuring uniform density.
  • Allows fine-tuning and control of molten steel composition, increasing alloy yield.
  • Provides a stable reaction, avoids secondary oxidation, and promotes uniform purification.
  • Prevents the introduction of gases into molten steel.
  • Requires minimal investment, occupies a small area, and has a wide range of applications.
  • Features simple equipment, easy operation, and no environmental pollution.

Our technicians provide detailed product specifications and adjust processes according to customer requirements.

Calcium Silicon Cored Wire Prices in the Chinese Market

In the Chinese market, as of this week:

  • Silicon calcium cored wire (Ca28Si55) is priced at 9200-9600 yuan/ton in Henan and 10400-10800 yuan/ton in Jiangsu for (Ca30Si58).
  • Chemical cored wire (Si40Mg28-30Re2) is priced at 12200-12700 yuan/ton.
  • Solid core pure calcium wire (Ca98%min) ranges from 10500-11000 yuan/ton in various regions.
  • Seamless metallic calcium wire (Ca98%min) is priced at 10,000-10,500 yuan/ton in Shandong and Henan.
  • Titanium iron cored wire (FeTi30min∮13mm) is priced at 11,800-12,300 yuan/ton.
  • Calcium iron cored wire (FeCa30min∮13mm) is priced at 9000-9600 yuan/ton.
  • Carbon cored wire (C≥96%∮13mm) is priced at 5400-6000 yuan/ton in Henan and 5800-6400 yuan/ton in Jiangsu.

International Market Prices for Calcium Silicon

In the international market, calcium-silicon cored wire (Ca30Si60∮13mm) is priced at US$1500-1600/ton, and calcium-silicon wire (Ca28Si55∮13mm) is priced at US$1450-1550/ton. Bite-type solid core pure calcium cored wire (Ca98% min∮9mm) is USD 1500-1600/ton (FOB price, Tianjin Port).

Statistics on Calcium Silicon Production

Out of 60 core-spun wire production enterprises surveyed, 51 started production this month, maintaining an 85% operating rate, consistent with the previous month. The estimated total cored wire output for May is approximately 22,350 tons, a slight increase compared to the previous month.

Outlook for the Alloy Cored Wire Market

In the current market, raw material cold-rolled strip prices are stabilizing, while cored wire prices remain weak. Calcium metal and silicon-calcium alloy prices are stabilizing, but magnesium metal prices are falling. Steel enterprises are cautious with their purchases. The core-spun wire market is expected to remain steady in the coming weeks, with raw material prices having a limited impact.



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