The price of calcium silicon in the recent market

Calcium-silicon is an ferroalloy containing approximately 30% calcium and 60% silicon, and is mainly used to remove gases and non-metallic inclusions in the ironmaking process. Because calcium silicon is lighter than other ferrous alloys, calcium silicon is usually added to molten metal in powder form by injection or in core wire. It is also widely used as an inoculant for cast metals.

Silicon calcium is not called calcium silica, the calcium content is 22-35%, and the silicon content is 60-65%. YB 525-65 stipulates that the calcium content is not less than 31%, 28% and 24%. It is mainly used as an incubator for cast iron. Silicon calcium alloy has strong reducing ability and is also used as oxygen in high-quality steel.

Currently, SiCa alloys can replace aluminum for final deoxidation. It has been used to produce high-quality steel, special steel and special alloy. For example, only special alloys such as nickel-based alloys such as steel rails, low-carbon steels, and stainless steels, and titanium-based alloys can be used as deoxidizers for calcium peroxide alloys.

calcium silica

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At present, affected by the epidemic in Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi and other places, it is not easy to export silicon-calcium products, and at the same time, the freight cost has increased. Coal, electrode paste and other raw materials are expensive, and factory production costs are high. In general, with the support of freight costs and raw material costs, the price of silicon calcium alloys will not be reduced for the time being.

On the other hand, due to the poor traffic during the epidemic, the demand for silicon and calcium in some areas has been reduced due to the control and control, and the inventory in the silicon and calcium market is also difficult to consume. Therefore, it is difficult for the price of silicon and calcium to rise due to this restraint. The price is mainly stable. At present, the mainstream transaction price of silicon-calcium alloy ca30si60 in the market is maintained at 11800-12000 yuan / ton (cash price including tax).

According to the Casi factory’s response, the current cost is high, but the Casi price is difficult to increase, the factory’s production is still in a state of loss, and the operation of the enterprise is very difficult. At present, calcium-silicon factories mostly focus on epidemic control and the 20th National Congress, expecting the market to usher in a new turning point.


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