November monthly review: Calcium silicon market is weak and stable

Calcium silicon

In November, the price of silicon-calcium alloy remained stable.

(1) Domestic market trend chart of calcium silicon in November

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As shown in the figure above, the mainstream transaction price in the national standard ca1 market in Shaanxi is 12,000-12,200 yuan/ton; The market transaction price of ca2 is 11,800-12,000 yuan/ton, that of Ningxia is 11,800-12,000 yuan/ton, that of Inner Mongolia is 11,800-12,000 yuan/ton; that of ca28si55 in Henan is 11,800-12,000 yuan/ton, and that of ca28si50 The transaction is 10400-10700 yuan / ton (including tax in cash).

(2) Export market price of calcium silicon alloy in November

According to this month’s export market transaction report data, the current national standard ca1 export transaction price is 1800-1900 US dollars / ton, national standard ca2 1750-1850 US dollars / ton (FOB price, Tianjin Port), the export price of calcium silicon is stable this month.

(3) Start-up statistics of Ca-si

According to the statistics of 6 national standard silicon-calcium alloy production enterprises, in November 2022, there were 3 normal furnace production enterprises in the silicon-calcium market, and the actual number of furnaces was 3. The operating rate of the enterprises was about 50%, which was a decrease of 33.33% from the previous month. The data operating rate is about 30%, which is a 40% decline from the previous month. The total market output in November is expected to be about 3,900 tons, which is about 2,900 tons lower than the actual output in October (6,800 tons).

Calcium silicon

     Calcium silicon

(4) Future market forecast of Casi

Since the beginning of this month, the transactions in the silicon-calcium alloy market are still weak. In order to facilitate transactions, some low-price orders are placed in the market, but the overall price center of gravity remains relatively stable. The end of the year has come, and the market demand has not improved for a long time. Downstream core-spun wire companies purchase a small amount according to demand, and the inventory of silicon-calcium is slowly digested. Therefore, most of the silicon-calcium factories in production are operating in a “lying flat” mode, and the factories that have not resumed silicon-calcium production are not in a hurry to start work. Or it will be postponed until next year. Coupled with the continuous adjustment of market epidemic prevention policies, upstream and downstream enterprises are more cautious and wait-and-see. It is expected that the market price of calcium-silicon alloy will remain stable next month, and the changes will not be too great.

(5)Ferro Silicon Calcium Manufacturers

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