Calcium silicon alloy production

What are the grades and uses of silicon calcium alloy?

 The following table shows the grades of Chinese silicon-calcium alloys.

Grade Chemical Composition/%
Ca | Si A1 S C P
Min Max
Ca31Si6O 31 55 〜65 2.4 0. 06 0.8 0.04
Ca28Si60 28 55 〜65 2.4 0. 06 0.8 0.04
Ca24Si6O 24 55 〜65 2.5 0. 04 0.8 0.04


Silicon-calcium alloys are used as deoxidizers, desulfurizers and warming agents in the steelmaking industry. Silicon and calcium in silicon-calcium alloys have a high affinity for oxygen, and calcium has a high affinity for sulfur, and its deoxidation and desulfurization products It is easy to float and remove from molten steel, which can improve the performance of steel, improve the plasticity and impact toughness of steel, so silicon-calcium alloy is an ideal compound deoxidation and desulfurization agent in steelmaking with both deoxidation and desulfurization capabilities. Widely used in the production of high-quality steel.

Calcium silicon alloy

            Calcium silicon alloy

Calcium-silicon alloy is also a very effective warming agent, and the waste calcium-silicon alloy slag produced in the production can be used as a warming agent and heat-insulating agent.

However, silicon-calcium alloy is more expensive, and it is also easier to burn out, so it is generally only used for final deoxidation and desulfurization, and attention should be paid to the method of use.

Silicon-calcium alloy powder has also been widely used in powder spraying metallurgy and cored wire.

Silicon-calcium alloys are used as deoxidizers, desulfurizers and inoculants in cast iron production. Silicon-calcium alloys are more effective than silicon in improving the properties of cast iron. Calcium silicon alloy can play the effect of degassing, desulfurization, deredness and silicon increase in cast iron, and it is an effective inoculant to promote the formation of spherical graphite. In actual use, in order to play the role of silicon-calcium alloy more effectively, the alloy should be about 20mm, and it should be directly added to the ladle or ladle.

Market Dynamics:

Recently, the silicon-barium-calcium market has been calm, with little price fluctuation and no obvious boost in demand. The terminal demand is not strong at all, and the market productivity has weakened due to the recent epidemic situation, which also has an impact on consumption. Therefore, the enthusiasm for downstream procurement is not high. It is expected that silicon barium calcium will maintain a weak and stable operation in the middle and late ten days.


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