Calcium Silicon Market Price Analysis (11.13-11.17)

1. Review of the calcium silicon market this week

(1) Domestic market price

Mark District November 17th November 10th Chg
Chinese standard


Shanxi 11800-12000 11900-12100 ↓100
Ningxia 11800-12000 11900-12100 ↓100
Inner Mongolia 11800-12000 11900-12100 ↓100
Chinese standard


Shanxi 11700-11900 11800-12000 ↓100
Ningxia 11700-11900 11800-12000 ↓100
Inner Mongolia 11700-11900 11800-12000 ↓100
ca28si55 Henan 10300-10500 10300-10500 Balance
ca28si50 Henan 9600-9800 9600-9800 Balance


According to the mainstream transaction report of calcium silicon alloy this week, the mainstream transaction price of the national standard ca1 market in Shaanxi is 11,800-12,000 yuan/ton, the market transaction price in Ningxia is 11,800-12,000 yuan/ton, and the market transaction price in Inner Mongolia is 11,800-12,000 yuan. / ton; the market transaction price of national standard ca2 in Shaanxi is 11,700-11,800 yuan/ton, the market transaction price in Ningxia is 11,700-11,800 yuan/ton, and the market transaction price in Inner Mongolia is 11,700-11,800 yuan/ton; the transaction price of ca28si55 in Henan is 10,300- 10,500 yuan/ton, ca28si50 was sold at 9,600-9,800 yuan/ton (cash including tax).

calcium silicon alloy

(2) International market price

According to the export market transaction report data this week, the current export transaction price of national standard ca1 is 1650-1700 US dollars/ton, and the national standard ca2 is 1630-1680 US dollars/ton (FOB price, Tianjin Port). The export price of calcium silicate is stable this week.

(3) Construction start statistics

According to statistics from this website on 6 national standard calcium silicon alloy manufacturers, there were 5 furnace manufacturers in the calcium silicon market in November 2023, with a total of 6 furnaces actually in operation. The company’s operating rate was about 83.33%, and the furnace operating rate was about 60 %, which is the same as last month. The total market output in November is expected to be about 7,400 tons, an increase of 480 tons compared with the actual output in October (6,920t).

2. Forecast of the market outlook for calcium silicon alloys

Affected by weak demand, the transaction price of calcium silicate market loosened slightly this week. At this stage, the five major national standard calcium silicate factories in China maintain normal production mode, and the market spot is relatively abundant. However, due to shrinking demand, the actual transaction progress is relatively slow. The downstream purchases small quantities on demand, and mainly purchases calcium silicate powder. Calcium silicate The block market is looking for very little. The short-term market has not been favorable, so it is expected that the calcium silicon market will continue to decline slightly during the second half of November.

3. Review of the silicon barium market this week

(1) Domestic market price

Mark District November 17th November 10th Chg
High barium


Inner Mongolia 8000-8100 8000-8200 ↓50
Gansu 7900-8000 7950-8050 ↓50
High barium


Qinghai 7100-7150 7100-7150 Balance
Inner Mongolia 7100-7200 7100-7200 Balance


Inner Mongolia 7100-7200 7100-7200 Balance


According to this week’s silicon-barium alloy market transaction report, the current price of high barium 30# in Inner Mongolia is 8,000-8,100 yuan/ton, and the price of high barium in Gansu is 7,900-8,000 yuan/ton; the price of low barium 4-6# natural block in Inner Mongolia is 7,100-7,200 yuan/ton in Ningxia. There is no quotation yet, Qinghai 7100-7150 yuan/ton, low barium 2-3# natural block Inner Mongolia 7100-7200 yuan/ton (factory price including tax), Ningxia area has no quotation.

(2) Construction start statistics

According to the incomplete statistics of 18 high- and low-barium alloy manufacturers on this website, a total of 10 companies have started furnace production in the silicon-barium market in October 2023 (including 5 high-barium production companies and 6 low-barium production companies (including self-use ), 1 high and low barium manufacturer), with a total of 16 furnaces actually opened, the operating rate (according to manufacturer) is about 55.56%, a decrease of 16.66% from the previous month, and the expected output is 14,300 tons, a decrease of 1,700 tons from the previous month.

4. Forecast of silicon-barium alloy market outlook

The price of the low barium market has not changed much this week and has not been affected by the suspension of production of the low barium factory in Ningxia. However, from a supply and demand perspective, with the reduction of market operation, the spot supply of the low barium market is slightly tight, and factories have arranged production orders. The high barium market quotation is stable, but due to the lackluster actual demand, factory transactions are mostly done at a profit margin. Overall, the overall order volume of the high and low barium market has not changed much, and there is no news of a sharp increase in raw materials to drive up costs. With no change in the start of production, the silicon-barium alloy market is expected to be mainly stable next week.

5. Forecast of the market outlook for calcium metal series

This week, there are still signs of slight loosening in the market quotations of metal crude calcium. The current mainstream quotations and transaction prices in the crude calcium market have both fallen below 19,000 yuan/ton and are gradually moving closer to 18,500 yuan/ton. The center of gravity of the metal calcium wire market price has dropped to 21,000 yuan/ton. Factory. The demand is weak and downstream price pressure is still the main factor hindering the stable development of the metallic calcium market. In the later period, crude calcium products may continue to move closer to 18,000 yuan/ton.


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