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Definition of Inoculants

Inoculation treatment refers to adding a small amount of other substances to the liquid metal during the solidification process of cast iron to promote nucleation, inhibit growth, and achieve the purpose of refining the grains. The inoculation treatment mainly affects nucleation and promotes grain dissociation.

The additive added during the inoculation process is the inoculant. The main function of the inoculant is to promote graphitization and reduce the tendency of whitening (bright white tissue appears on the entire section or surface of gray iron castings, often in thin sections, edges, and corners of the castings). The second is to refine the manager, reduce segregation, and uniformize the organization. The third is to improve mechanical strength, adjust hardness, and improve mechanical properties. The fourth is to improve the matrix, shape, and distribution of graphite. The fifth is to reduce the internal stress and wall thickness sensitivity of castings.

Types of Inoculants

There are many types of inoculants, which can be divided into two categories: silicon-barium inoculants and ferrosilicon inoculants according to their composition.

Silicon barium inoculant: Generally, the most commonly used barium content is 2 barium and 4 barium. The silicon content is around 40. The particle size is also divided into 1-3mm, 3-8mm, and 0.2-0.8mm.

Ferrosilicon inoculant: refers to ferrosilicon particles without adding barium. Generally, the particle size is 3-8mm or 1-3mm, and there are a few customers. Packaging: 25kg small bag in one-ton bag.

How to Use Inoculants

1. Incubation by pouring the bag: Add the inoculant into the bag, then pour in the molten iron to melt it evenly, and then pour it.
2. The added amount is approximately 1.0-1.8% of the molten iron weight. Note that the usage time and dosage of different cast iron inoculants may be slightly different.

LSFerroalloy Inoculants Manufacturer

LSFerroalloy is committed to providing customers with high-quality ferrosilicon inoculants. These ferrosilicon inoculants are procured from reputed vendors in the industry and checked on various parameters to ensure that they comply with current international quality standards.

Tested for quality at every stage of production until final shipment, these products are supplied in powder form and are used in the steelmaking and foundry industries. As a powerful deoxidizer, it also supports requirements for improved product quality.

The silicon barium inoculant specifications we offer are Si: 70-75%, Ba: 2-2.5%, Ca: 1.5 -2.5%, Al: maximum 1.5%, size 1-3 mm (minimum 90%) and 3 -6mm(90%min). The products originate from China and are available in packaging from 25kg bags in one-ton jumbo bags.


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