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Feldspar is a kind of aluminosilicate mineral, its composition mainly includes silica, alumina, potassium oxide, sodium oxide, calcium oxide, barium oxide and so on. In nature, there are very few feldspar mines with high purity, and most of them are produced as aggregates of various rock mines. The paragenetic minerals mainly include quartz, mica, nepheline, hornblende, rutile, etc. Among them, mica, Hornblende, rutile and iron compounds are harmful impurities.

The use of feldspar ore

Feldspar ore has a wide range of uses and can be used in various industries such as glass, abrasives, potash fertilizers, craft stones, gemstone raw materials, and chemical raw materials.

Glass industry: the consumption accounts for 50%~60% of its total consumption. It is mainly used to increase the alumina content in the glass batching and reduce the amount of soda ash to reduce the melting temperature of the molten glass, adjust the activity of the molten glass, and prevent crystallization defects during the glass formation process.

In the abrasive industry: feldspar is often used as a component of ceramic cement when making grinding wheels.

In the potash fertilizer industry: feldspar with high potassium content can be used as raw material for extracting potash fertilizer, and can also be used as raw material for extracting potassium carbonate, potassium sulfate, and other potassium-containing compounds.

Craft stone and gemstone raw material industry: Green microcline feldspar-Amazonite Fushi can be used as mineral raw material and craft stone for extracting rare elements. Moonstone, sunstone and labradorite in feldspar have moonlight effects or iridescent effects, and can be used as gem raw materials.

Chemical raw material industry: ground feldspar is used as filler for latex, paint, and acrylic substances. When used as a filler, it can contain more free quartz; when used as a skin makeup powder, the ore particle size of feldspar is required to be 2 μm.


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