Cored Wire

The cored wire is mainly used by steel mills for molten steel treatment. There are also many types of cored wire, including solid cored wire, carbon wire, calcium wire, pure calcium wire, nodulizer wire, silicon aluminum barium calcium cored wire, seamed calcium wire, seamless calcium wire, inoculant wire, etc. Therefore, when selecting the cored wire, it is necessary to choose the correct cored wire according to the different types of steel produced.

Cored Wire

          Cored Wire

Due to the increasing demand for cored wire, there are more and more manufacturers producing cored wire. So where are the manufacturers of cored wire generally located?

The main distribution areas of core-spun wire manufacturers are generally in Henan and Inner Mongolia. These areas are the main producing areas of core-spun wire. The core-spun wire is production volume and with superior product quality, and the key is cheap price.

Let’s talk about the advantages of pure calcium cored wire:

1) The recovery rate of calcium element is increased. After feeding the solid core pure calcium cored wire developed by Lishi Industrial factory, the average recovery rate of calcium for low-carbon and low-silicon steel represented by SPHC reaches more than 15%, and the use efficiency of calcium is about 52% higher than that of silicon calcium cored wire.

2) Cost reduction is obvious. The feeding weight of solid pure calcium cored wire per ton of steel is only about 38% of that of silicon calcium cored wire. It is more conducive to the production of pure steel.

Therefore, when choosing a cored wire, you must choose the one that is suitable for your own steel type and your own production process. Don’t blindly try to buy it cheap and it may not be usable.


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