What is the use of feldspar powder in industrial production

Feldspar is a general term for feldspar minerals by geological experts. It is a mineral containing calcium, sodium and potassium. It is a common mineral in the earth’s crust and is also the main mineral component of igneous rocks. The feldspar powder is the powder of this kind of mineral. The feldspar powder used in ceramics, glass, and enamel industries is generally rich in potassium or sodium. Therefore, feldspar powder is widely used in the glass manufacturing industry, but fortunately Even the price of feldspar powder will not be particularly expensive.

Generally speaking, the use of feldspar powder is in the industry. The main industries used include glass manufacturing, ceramics, enamel, abrasives, welding electrodes and other industries. Among them, the use of feldspar powder in the ceramic industry has reached 30%.

In the glass manufacturing industry, feldspar powder has high Al2O3 content, low iron content, and is more fusible than alumina, which can widen the melting range at the same time when melting at low temperature, so it becomes the main component of glass mixture and can also improve the quality of glass. The content of alumina in the batching reduces the amount of alkali used. At the same time, after the feldspar powder is melted, the progress of glass forming is slower than other mixed raw materials, and the crystallization ability is reduced, which can prevent the crystal from being damaged during the glass forming process. Therefore, glass mixing is the main use of feldspar powder containing potassium and sodium in general.

In addition to the glass manufacturing industry, the use of feldspar powder is also used in the ingredients of the ceramic body. Before the ceramic body is fired and shaped, the role of the feldspar powder is from barren raw materials. The feldspar powder can reduce the green body due to drying. The resulting deformation and shrinkage are beneficial to the improvement of the drying performance of the embryo body and shorten the drying time. When the ceramic embryo is fired, the feldspar powder is used as a flux to reduce the firing temperature of the embryo, so that the quartz and kaolin can be melted quickly, and the formation of mullite is accelerated to promote the molding of the embryo. In addition, during the firing process of the ceramic green body, the feldspar glass body generated by the feldspar powder during the melting process can be used to fill the mullite grains and reduce the gaps in the grains in the green body, which is helpful for improving the mechanical strength of the green body. and dielectric properties are very favorable. Moreover, based on the high-energy light transmittance of feldspar glass, the light transmittance of the embryo body is improved.

Feldspar powder is reasonably priced and widely used. It is an indispensable raw material in industrial manufacturing, especially in ceramic and glass manufacturing. Reasonable use of feldspar powder can effectively and rationally optimize production procedures and improve industrial production efficiency.



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