Na feldspat production line

The manufacturing technique of Anyang Lishi Industrial soda feldspar production line adopts the latest and most efficient albite beneficiation process, including a full set of energy-saving beneficiation equipment such as ball mills, crushers, magnetic separators, flotation machines, classifiers, and shakers.

Anyang Lishi Industrial soda feldspar production line

Anyang Lishi Industrial soda feldspar production line

Mineral processing equipment and facilities are constantly optimized and updated, the quality assurance system is sound, complete testing and testing methods are available, product quality commitments are strictly fulfilled, and quality tracking is implemented. Anyang Lishi Industrial Co., Ltd has its own feldspar mine in Henan Province. The sodium feldspar ore is of high purity and high quality. In recent years, our factory’s products have been continuously updated, and the quality has been stable for a long time. We are committed to making the best product quality and service.

The Na feldspar production line process can improve the comprehensive utilization rate of mineral resources. According to the different mineral components, the high-quality and secondary mineral resources are gradually removed from impurities and beneficiated, so that all minerals can be effectively recovered and the utilization rate of mineral resources is improved. The impurity removal technology has reached the international advanced level. The self-developed high-efficiency beneficiation agent is used to remove the unremoved impurities through flotation. After several times of impurity removal, the product quality is stable, and the cost of the entire sodium feldspar comprehensive finishing process is reduced.

The albite production line of Anyang Lishi Industrial has advanced equipment, low energy consumption, and increased albite whiteness, which greatly improves production efficiency and makes the comprehensive recovery technology of sodyum feldspat mine more advanced. Green and environmentally friendly, it is conducive to the realization of green mines. The Na feldspat production line equipment of Anyang Lishi Industrial has improved the original soda feldspar ore beneficiation process, mainly adopting a unique process with a variety of patented equipment, which provides a guarantee for improving the quality of albite.

Firstly, the machine of Anyang Lishi Industrial soda feldspar production line adopts the bottom full-section inflation method. When the outside air enters through the one-way valve, it not only inflates the pulp but also stirs it. No impeller is needed, and energy saving can be achieved. In addition, the air is a microbubble, which increases the chance of the attachment of mineral particles and air and improves the recovery rate. Secondly, the involute feed structure is adopted to reduce the degree of turbulence caused by sudden divergence when the pulp enters the cyclone, so that the fluid movement tends to be stable and the classification efficiency is improved. The lining of the scattered process pipes has a high wear resistance index. Save operating costs and improve production efficiency. The content of Na feldspat in Lishi Industrial is:

Al2O3: 19-22%

SiO2: 65% min

Fe2O3: 0.1%±0.05

Na2O: 11%±0.5

CaO: 0.6% max

Soda Feldspar Powder

Compared with the common sodyum feldspat on the market, our albite has a higher content of Al2O3 and Na2O, which belongs to high-quality sodium feldspar. Welcome to inquire us!


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