Work Summary of Ferro Alloy Safe Production from Anyang Lishi Industry Co., Ltd.

Supplying ferroalloys since 1999, Anyang Lishi Industrial Co., Ltd is specialized in the production, trading and innovation of Ferro-alloys and Soda Feldspar Minerals for welding, foundry, refractory, steel, and other metal related industries. Lishi Industrial covers an area of 45,000 square meters, with state-of-the-art production equipment, a factory laboratory and a testing center to ensure customers the first quality products.

Safe production is the major premise to ensure the stability and prosperity of all walks of life, the core of the enterprise, and an important factor in maintaining the stable development of the society and the happy life of the people. Safe production is a kind of responsibility, not only responsible for oneself and family members, but also responsible for employees, enterprises, and society. Here are some technical work summary of our factory managers, hoping to know us better, and also helpful.

1. Pay attention to the work of furnace opening The opening of the furnace is the beginning of the life of a blast furnace generation. The quality of the furnace start-up work has a great influence on the normal production of the blast furnace in the future.

Because the blast furnace production is a continuous operation, there is an inseparable connection between the various processes. To ensure the smooth opening of the furnace, all relevant links of production must be carefully inspected and all preparations must be done carefully. To this end, we focus on the following aspects:

1. Raw fuel preparation Because the sintering machine cannot be produced before the furnace is opened, the raw material conditions are extremely poor. In order to ensure the normal operation of the furnace, detailed analysis and preparations have been made on the raw materials for the furnace. Raw materials and sintering materials are analyzed and compared from the aspects of origin, quality, resource status, material supply capacity, quality assurance, etc., and the best ones are selected, combined with local resource conditions, to determine the use of raw ore for furnace opening (imported raw ore locally produced Mine), practice has proved that this choice is correct. Although the conditions are difficult, due to our adequate preparations and reasonable arrangements, we have ensured the successful start of the furnace and the smooth operation of the furnace, and in the case of frequent equipment failures, the smooth operation of the blast furnace has been maintained.

2. Equipment inspection and test run Carried out single-vehicle, linkage, and load linkage, etc., and carried out inspection, acceptance and trial operation of the equipment. However, due to time constraints, various problems were not fully exposed during the trial run. Therefore, for quite a long time after it was put into production, there were many equipment problems, which affected the production process of the blast furnace. Under such circumstances, we used various operating systems to make reasonable adjustments and strictly enforced them to make the blast furnace run smoothly without much impact and withstood the test of various situations.

3. Blast furnace, hot blast furnace oven The blast furnace and hot blast stove were built in winter and contain more water. In order to ensure the smooth opening of the furnace, a blast furnace and hot blast stove baking plan was formulated, and Tianjin Baking Furnace Co., Ltd. carried out the baking. Strictly follow the oven curve, and organize three shifts of personnel to strictly inspect and record. Therefore, the oven basically met the reservation requirements.

4. Strengthen operator training In the ferroalloy production industry, problems such as new technology and insufficient proficiency of newly added personnel need to be paid attention to. In order to ensure the normal operation of the furnace and future production, the staff training work is continuously strengthened, and employees’ learning awareness is stimulated through assessment and induction. At the same time, some experienced technicians were hired for important positions to pass on, help and guide, and achieved remarkable results. After a period of running-in, the operation level and sense of responsibility of the post workers have been greatly improved. Now they have basically adapted to the production needs and completed the transition process from raw to familiar. The next step is to complete the transition from familiar to skillful as soon as possible.

2. Establish various technical management systems The establishment of various technical management systems with safety technical operating procedures as the core is a reliable guarantee for normal production. The activities of “learning regulations, examining regulations, and using regulations” have been carried out extensively, deeply and solidly in all branches and departments. There are rules to follow and rules to follow in everything you do, so you have avoided a lot of detours and cultivated the serious and serious work style of the employees.

3. Strengthen technical training for employees In order to meet the requirements of blast furnace production, a well-disciplined and skilled workforce must be established. The company, each branch factory, and each department have established various forms of training courses, and formulated various training plans to learn and practice emergency plans, deploy long-term plans, and create a good software environment for the company’s safe production, stable and high production.

4. Establish the idea of taking technology as the leader and blast furnace as the center Blast furnace production is a large industrial continuous production, and each process must be closely coordinated to ensure normal production. For this reason, the company emphasizes the process management as the center to strengthen management, and truly realize that “the whole plant revolves around the blast furnace, and the blast furnace revolves around the furnace” to tighten the connection between various departments, branches and blast furnaces, so as to achieve one heart Think about it, move your energy to one place, and establish the idea of ​​a game of chess for the whole factory.

5. Take the standardized operation of the blast furnace as the core, strengthen the operation and management of the blast furnace, the throughput of the blast furnace is large, the amount of raw material and fuel is large, and the quality change is inevitable, in order to adapt to the change of objective conditions. It is very important for the foreman to operate carefully and manage carefully, in order to make the three shifts operate uniformly. Therefore, the implementation of standardized operation is a good measure. It enables the foreman to have goals, actions to have a basis, and inspections to have standards, so that the state of the blast furnace can be controlled at all times, and the blast furnace can be guaranteed when the raw materials are poor. When the raw material is good, the coke ratio should be reduced and more iron should be produced. It laid a good foundation for the long-term stable operation of the blast furnace, high production and low consumption, and analyzed the problems that occurred according to the company’s requirements. The reasons were thoroughly found out, the responsibilities were clarified, preventive measures were found, and the foreman was gradually improved. The level of responsibility and level of operation of the blast furnace.


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