Three misunderstanding of ferro alloy buyers need to avoid

China is a major exporter of ferroalloys. The latest data shows that from January to July 2022, China’s ferroalloy exports amounted to 760,000 tons, a year-on-year increase of 54.1%. In terms of value, the data shows that China’s ferroalloy exports from January to July 2022 amounted to 22.16 million yuan. million, a year-on-year increase of 105.5%. At the same time, it is also a major producer of ferroalloys in the world, and the output of ferroalloys ranks among the top countries in the world.

Because of the advantages of mineral resources and labor cost, the ferroalloys made in China is favored by many ferroalloy buyers or traders in the world because of its high quality and low price. However, most ferroalloy buyers will fall into some misunderstandings when purchasing ferroalloys in China. Anyang Lishi Industrial Co., Ltd. cooperates with more than 300 companies in the world to supply various ferroalloy products to the market and provide solutions to the harsh conditions of this industries. we have heartfelt suggestions and references in selecting ferroalloy manufacturers and suppliers. Today, Eloisa from Lishi Industrial would like to share with you some misunderstandings need to avoid when purchasing ferroalloys in China.

Misunderstanding 1: Thinking that the cheaper the better. When many buyers purchase ferroalloys in China, the most common method is to send emails widely, then compare the prices one by one, repeatedly use low prices to force suppliers to cut prices. There are even situations where the target price of ferroalloy products is required to be lower than the price of raw materials. For example, the price of ferrosilicon 75 is FOB Tianjin US$1,650/ton, while the target price of some buyers is US$1,550/ton. you can imagine what kind of bad results will occur if only pursuing cheapness without ignoring other factors. In order not to lose profit, suppliers may have to mix other lower grade products, or even replace them with other similar series of this products, etc., which means the product quality cannot be guaranteed. If in a quality accident, the supplier will not behave too much responsibility, then the buyer has to bear it. Therefore, it is not suggest to pursuit of cheap price, which may take a certain advantage sometimes, but it will lose more included the reputation in this market, which is not worth to do.

Misunderstanding 2: Only ask whether it is a factory, not whether it is professional. Among the thousands of ferro alloy manufacturers in China, there are many manufacturers of various production scales, making it difficult to choose. Some manufacturers mainly produce ferrochromium and ferromanganese; some manufacturers mainly produce ferroalloy cored wires; some manufacturers mainly process various ferroalloys and so on. However, the fact that they are more specialized in producing certain types of products does not mean that they are specialized in producing other ferroalloy products. Therefore, when purchasing ferroalloys, don’t just look at whether they have production plants, equipment, and personnel. The key is to see if they are professional in the performance, technical requirements, and applications of the ferroalloy you need. Otherwise, the products he produces may not meet your requirements. Anyang Lishi Industrial Co., Ltd. has been committed to the development and production of various specifications of ferrosilicon, calcium silicon, silica fume and soda feldspar and other ferro alloys products for more than 20 years, a professional technical research and development team composed of more than 20 people, the technical guarantee makes the performance of the product recognized and highly praised by partners from all over the world.

Misunderstanding 3: Only cooperate with production factories, not with trading companies. As mentioned earlier, there are thousands of manufacturers of ferroalloys in China, and there are also many manufacturers of various professional products. For example, there are about 28 professional manufacturers of ferrosilicon in China. Some manufacturers have advantages in atomizing ferrosilicon and grinding ferrosilicon, some have advantages in low-aluminum and low-carbon ferrosilicon, and some are making national standards grade ferro silicon. As a foreign buyer, it is impossible to have too much time to compare them one by one. However, Chinese domestic professional trading companies are different, they know all about it like the back of their hands. If the purchase volume is not particularly large, then it is actually a very rational choice to cooperate with such a trading company. Leverage their professional and industry experience, as well as their connections, to get the suitable products and prices. Anyang Lishi Industrial Co., Ltd. is not only a ferroalloy manufacturer, but also your trading partner and a provider of solutions for harsh conditions in ferroalloys industry.

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