Ferro Phosphorus Powder: Versatile Applications in Coatings and More

Ferro Phosphorus Powder Uses

Ferrophosphorus powder can be used in conjunction with zinc powder, which is typically employed in our heavy-duty anti-corrosion coatings. When applied, it enhances their corrosion resistance, thereby reducing our production costs.

Additionally, Ferrophosphorus powder can lower sintering temperatures, increase compaction rates, and improve the humidity and strength of sintered powders. It’s a performance-enhancing pigment that can be used for single or multi-layer coatings, often utilized in the early stages of construction.

Ferrophosphorus powder

Applications of Ferrophosphorus Powder

(1) Coatings: As a cost-effective alternative, it can partially replace zinc powder in zinc-rich paints.

(2) Weldable Coatings: Suitable for primers, adhesives, sealants, and coil coatings in the early stages of construction.

(3) Conductive Coatings: Imparts electrical and thermal conductivity to coatings.

(4) Electromagnetic Interference and Radio Frequency Shielding: Substitutes for nickel or copper pigments in shielding coatings.

(5) Powder Metallurgy: Reduces sintering temperatures and improves compaction efficiency.

Ferrophosphorus powder can partially replace zinc powder in zinc-rich coatings and enhance the film properties and welding characteristics of such coatings. It can replace up to 15% of zinc powder in epoxy zinc-rich coatings. When the PVC value of the zinc-rich coating is 0.44, the salt spray resistance of the epoxy zinc-rich coating can reach up to 1416 hours, exhibiting excellent overall performance.

Ferrophosphorus Powder for Sale

Ferrophosphorus powder itself is odorless, and it possesses corrosion resistance and good conductivity. In fact, Ferrophosphorus powder has a wide range of applications. LSferroalloy manufacturers have extensive manufacturing experience and offer products of high quality at competitive factory prices. If you require ferrophosphorus powder, please contact us directly.



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