What are the raw material of ferro silicon?

Ferrosilicon is a ferroalloy product, and the purchase volume is relatively large. Deoxidation and slagging are mainly used. It is often purchased by many industries, especially steel mills. Even some steel mills have monthly purchases relative to ferrosilicon. planning or bidding. Although ferrosilicon has indeed penetrated into the depths of the industry, many people who come into contact with it still have a deep understanding of ferrosilicon. For example, how ferrosilicon is produced, only a deep understanding of what is the raw material for producing ferrosilico and fundamentally understand ferrosilicon.

Raw material 1: Silica Silica can be said to be essential raw material for the production of ferroalloy ferrosilicon. Only good silica can produce good ferrosilicon. This is not an exaggeration. Generally, the silicon content of silica must be above 97%, and the size of silica must be uniform so that it can be produced. High-quality ferroalloy ferrosilicon!

Raw Material 2: Coke Coke is usually used as a reducing agent in ferrosilicon production. Coke is used as an auxiliary raw material. Generally, low-ash coke should be used as the main raw material for the production of ferrosilicon. If the ash content is too high, it will affect the smelting effect of silica plugging, and the quality of ferrosilicon will be significantly reduced.

The general raw materials for producing ferro silicon are silica and coke. After the raw materials are selected, they are fully melted in an electric furnace to produce high-quality ferrosilicon in a high-temperature environment. By understanding the raw materials used to produce ferroalloy ferrosilicon, we can produce high-quality ferrosilicon to improve the efficiency of manufacturers. If you have any needs or questions about ferrosilicon, please contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly!



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