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Casting material manufacturer — Anyang Lishi Industrial will take you know about the selection requirements for casting raw materials.

When selecting casting raw materials, it is often necessary to consider the main characteristics of different materials. The particle size, mechanical strength, and softening degree of the selected ore material. The particle size of the ore mainly refers to the diameter of the ore particle. This index will directly affect the air permeability, heat, and mass transfer conditions of the casting.

That is to say, when choosing casting materials, the particle size of raw materials must be reasonably controlled. Generally, the area of the ore particle size in the furnace is about 5-35mm, otherwise, it is not allowed to enter the furnace directly. In addition, many factors such as heat transfer and mass transfer of the blast furnace should be considered.

However, in order to meet the requirements of air permeability and strength, casting materials with smaller particle sizes should be selected as much as possible, and the mechanical strength of iron ore mainly includes impact strength, friction resistance, and extrusion resistance, and its strength is required to be higher. The so-called softening degree includes two aspects, one is the softening of the temperature, and the other is the softening of the temperature range. The softening temperature mainly refers to the temperature at which the material deforms under certain conditions.

Generally speaking, the selection of casting materials should be carried out at high temperatures, and the temperature range should be relatively small. In addition, attention should also be paid to the stability of various indicators of the selected iron ore. If its physical and chemical indicators remain relatively stable, it can give full play to its greater utilization value.

Therefore, when choosing casting materials, the content of useful and harmful elements should be fully considered, and the performance ratio of raw materials should be considered. To ensure the stability of its components.

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