Application of Ferroalloy Products in Steelmaking and Casting Industry

Why is silicon carbon alloy popular in the steel making and casting industry? Of course, it is the price advantage of silicon carbon alloy that bears the brunt. Compared with the current traditional smelting materials such as ferrosilicon, metal silicon and other products, silicon carbon alloy prices are relatively low, and the channels for purchasing silicon carbon alloy are also relatively rich. You can choose dealers, traders or manufacturers to directly wholesale silicon carbon alloy, which is more directly from silicon carbon alloy manufacturers, More affordable prices and professional technical guidance can be obtained.


Ferro-alloy manufacturers

Among these applications, steel making industry, casting industry and ferroalloy industry are the major users of ferrosilicon. They consume more than 90% of ferrosilicon. Among various ferrosilicon brands, 75% ferrosilicon is widely used at present. In the steelmaking industry, about 3-5 kg of 75% ferrosilicon is consumed for every 1t of steel produced. Before use, appropriate ferrosilicon products should be selected according to different uses.

Not only is the chemical affinity between silicon and oxygen very high, but also the carbon content of high silicon ferrosilicon is very low. Therefore, high silicon ferrosilicon (or siliceous alloy) is a reducing agent commonly used in ferroalloy industry to produce low-carbon ferroalloy. Other purposes. The ground or atomized ferrosilicon powder can be used as the suspended phase in the mineral processing industry. It can be used as the coating of welding rod in the welding rod manufacturing industry. High silicon ferrosilicon can be used to manufacture silicone and other products in the chemical industry.

Carbon inoculants Carbon inoculants are mainly used for pretreatment of molten iron before inoculation, and are generally crystalline carbon materials For gray cast iron, 85~90% metallurgical silicon carbide is effective, and crystalline graphite is also effective. The dosage of pretreatment is generally~0%, and the better value should be obtained according to the test results. Understanding the application effect of these inoculants can make the selection of inoculants more efficient and effective.

In steelmaking, silicon barium has strong deoxidation ability and desulfurization function. The test proves that one ton of silicon barium alloy can replace 5 tons of ferrosilicon in terms of pure deoxidation effect. (Ba=15~20); In casting, silicon barium is also an excellent inoculant. As the atomic weight of Ba is much larger than other deoxidized elements SiAlCa, and the density is large, it is suitable for precipitation deoxidization and improves the yield of other elements. Si Ba alloy is often used in the production of high quality and special steel. It is an indispensable deoxidizer in the metallurgy of pure steel.


                      Ferroalloy in steelmaking

Secondly, in terms of the use effect, silicon carbon alloy has more advantages than traditional smelting materials. The use of silicon carbon alloy in steelmaking can effectively solve the problem of long deoxidation time, improve the hardness of steel, and effectively improve the quality of steel. In terms of casting, silicon carbon alloy can effectively improve the distribution of graphite, which has a good support for the production of graphite cast iron, and can improve the fluidity of molten iron to make casting more thorough.

The higher the manganese content of manganese silicon alloy, the better. Under the condition that the manganese content of the refined product is certain, the higher the manganese content of the manganese silicon alloy used, the higher the allowable iron content of the manganese ore. The use of manganese ore with high iron content is beneficial to accelerating desilication, reducing slag and reducing power consumption. Practice has proved that the iron content of manganese ore can be increased when the manganese content of manganese silicon alloy is increased by 1%. Manganese silicon alloy used to produce medium and low carbon ferromanganese in China usually contains 67~69% manganese.


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