Ferrochrome is divided into high-carbon ferrochrome according to carbon content, including charge-grade ferrochrome (C≤10%), medium-carbon ferrochrome (C≤4.0%), low-carbon ferrochrome (C≤0.5%), micro-carbon ferrochrome Ferrochrome Ferrochrome (C≦0.15%), etc. Commonly used are silicon chromium alloy, ferrochromium nitride and so on. Ferrochromium is mainly used as an alloy additive in steelmaking, and was added in the later stage of steelmaking in the past. To smelt low-carbon steel such as stainless steel, low-carbon and micro-carbon ferrochrome must be used, so the production of refined ferrochrome was once developed on a large scale. Due to the improvement of the steelmaking process, when using the AOD method to produce stainless steel and other steel grades (see refining outside the furnace), carbon ferrochrome (mainly charge-grade ferrochrome) is used to charge the furnace, so it only needs to be added later. The composition of carbon ferrochrome is adjusted, so the focus of ferrochrome production is refining carbon ferrochrome.

high-carbon ferrochrome

              high-carbon ferrochrome

With chromium ore prices strengthening again, bullish sentiment in the high carbon ferrochromium market is gradually heating up. Today’s supplier quotations are generally raised by 100 yuan/50 basis tons. Southwest 8800-9100; Northwest 8700-8800; Northeast 8950-9000; East China 9000-9100; Central China 8900-9100; North China 8700-8900;

Affected by delays in shipping schedules, some factories in northern China have replenished spot chrome ore at ports to ensure production, thereby pushing up ore prices again. The tradable goods in the port are concentrated, and the miners are reluctant to sell them. Quotes are rising, and there is basically no room for bargaining. This week, the price of South African chrome ore increased by about 2 yuan/ton. It is expected that a new round of external quotations will also rise. , the cost of ferrochrome increases, and the factory quotation can only be adjusted up according to the cost change.

Southern factories such as Hunan, Guizhou, and Sichuan have shut down a large area of production, and the supply of ferrochrome continues to show a downward trend. Due to the early closure of the downstream retail market a year ago, some steel mills had insufficient raw material inventory, the epidemic prevention policy was relaxed, and a series of macro measures were added. Stimulated by economic policies, the industry is optimistic about the demand and price of ferrochrome after the festival. Some dealers are optimistic about the market outlook, and choose to inquire for replenishment, waiting for subsequent profits.

However, as the Spring Festival holiday approaches, logistics will be gradually shut down, and ferrochrome purchases will also be closed one after another. In addition, the spot quotations are generally high, and the downstream is cautious about purchasing long-term resources. It is expected that the main tone of the chromium market will not change significantly before the holiday, and the overall operation is mainly strong.


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