The difference between high carbon ferrochrome and micro carbon ferrochrome

Ferrochromium is an iron alloy mainly composed of chromium and iron, and is one of the main alloying agents used in the iron and steel industry. Ferrochromium has high hardness and good wear resistance. Adding chromium to steel can significantly improve the oxidation resistance of steel and increase the corrosion resistance of steel. Ferrochromium contains 55%-75% chromium. According to the different carbon content, ferrochrome can be divided into high-carbon ferrochrome, medium-carbon ferrochrome, low-carbon ferrochrome and micro-carbon ferrochrome. So how are they different?

The carbon content of high-carbon ferrochrome is 4-10%, the carbon content of medium-carbon ferrochrome is 0.5-4%, the carbon content of low-carbon ferrochrome is 0.15-0.5%, and the carbon content of micro-carbon ferrochrome is less than 0.15%. The smelting methods of micro-carbon ferrochromium include electrosilicon heating method, heat exchange method, etc. It is mainly used to improve the oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance of steel, so that the surface of steel forms a layer of oxide film with strong adhesion in an oxidizing atmosphere, and then Oxidation stops or slows down. Micro-carbon ferrochromium is mainly used in the production of stainless steel, wear-resistant and heat-resistant steel.

The main uses of high-carbon ferrochrome (carbon ferrochrome) are:

1. Used as an alloying agent for circulating pearl steel, tool steel and high-speed steel with high carbon content, improving the hardenability of steel, increasing the wear resistance and hardness.

2. As an additive for cast iron, it improves the abrasiveness and hardness of cast iron, and at the same time makes cast iron have good heat resistance.

3. Used as slag-free method to produce silicon-chromium alloy and medium, low, micro-carbon ferrochrome and chromium-containing raw materials.

4. Used as chromium-containing raw material for the production of metal chromium by electrolysis.

5. It is used as raw material for smelting stainless steel by oxygen blowing method. Smelting process of high-carbon ferrochrome: The smelting methods of high-carbon ferrochrome include blast furnace method, electric furnace method, plasma method, smelting reduction method, etc.


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