Ferrochrome production process

The production process of Ferrochrome includes; Gravity separation process: such as jigging, shaking table, spiral chute, dense medium cyclone, etc. Magnetic separation process: including strong field magnetic separation and high voltage electric separation. Flotation and flocculation flotation processes. Combined election process: such as re-election and electoral election. Chemical beneficiation: processing extremely fine-grained refractory lean chromium ore. In the above-mentioned chromium ore beneficiation method, gravity separation process is mainly used in production, and vibration table and jigging separation are mostly used. Sometimes the gravity separation concentrate is subjected to weak magnetic separation or strong magnetic separation gravity separation to further improve the grade of chromium concentrate and the ratio of chromium to iron.

The equipment required for the Ferrochrome production process must have the following characteristics: (1) The processing capacity is large, and the chrome ore processing objectively requires the scale effect to create benefits. (2) It has a remarkable effect on fine-grained chromium ore, especially for -01037mm particle size, and the original equipment can basically guarantee the recovery of +01037mm particle size. (3) The enrichment of chromium ore is relatively high, and the sorting index is good. (4) Low power consumption. (5) The structure is simple and easy to maintain.

Ferrochrome mainly includes chromite, chromium oxide, etc. According to different associated minerals, three chrome ore production processes can be adopted: single gravity separation, single magnetic separation, and gravity-magnetic combination. We know that more or less iron is contained in chromium ore. In order to better separate iron and chromium, heavy-magnetic combined beneficiation process is commonly used. However, the determination of the specific beneficiation process still needs to be carried out through the beneficiation test of the minerals, and the process selection is carried out according to the test indicators. For rich ores with higher chromium oxide content, a single gravity separation or magnetic separation process can be adopted; for rich ores with higher chromium oxide content, a single gravity separation or magnetic separation process can be adopted; for chromium ores with lower chromium oxide content, The combined magnetic-gravity process often gets better indicators than the single process.

The chromium ore production process is mainly a gravity separation process, which is a beneficiation method for separating minerals according to different mineral densities. In addition to the gravity separation equipment, the chromium ore must also have a medium for gravity separation. media such as water and air. This is also the difference between gravity beneficiation and other beneficiation processes. The characteristics or advantages of gravity beneficiation are simple equipment structure and low beneficiation cost. Therefore, gravity beneficiation can be used as long as the conditions are suitable.


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