Precautions during transportation of high carbon ferrochrome

With the development and progress of national science and technology, the preparation methods of ferrochrome have been tapped in many fields. Especially high-carbon ferrochromium is now more and more widely used in various fields. Although high-carbon ferrochromium is not a dangerous product, there are still some matters that consumers need to pay attention to during normal transportation.


1. Before loading high-carbon ferrochrome, check whether the transport vehicle can run safely, then check whether there are any loopholes in the compartment, see whether the transport equipment has rainproof measures, check whether the packaging of the goods is complete, and whether all the goods have been sorted out. Then order in the anti-theft transport unit;

2. After the high-carbon ferrochromium is filled with the carriages, handover procedures need to be handled. After the equipment for transporting high-carbon ferrochrome is determined, the compartment must have a top cover to prevent the chromium from being damp due to stormy weather during transportation;

3. During the transportation process, the driver should regularly check the vehicle, check the roof, and check the stacking of goods in the compartment. Generally speaking, accident hazards are caused by leakage. Due to the bumps and vibrations of the vehicle on the way, the packaging is often damaged;

4. Reminder that although high-carbon ferrochrome is not a dangerous product, you must pay attention to the route when transporting it. You can’t choose to take some complicated road sections for the sake of shortcuts. Do not park on city streets and densely populated areas. In addition, during the transportation of high-carbon ferrochrome, no hard objects shall be mixed, no vibration, rubbing, trampling, smashing, and throwing is prohibited. It should be loaded and unloaded lightly.


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