Manganese alloy market on Nov.11

Ferromanganese is an iron alloy composed of manganese and iron. The main categories are high carbon ferromanganese (7% carbon content), medium carbon ferromanganese (1.0~1.5% carbon content), low carbon ferromanganese (0.5% carbon content), metal manganese, mirror iron, silicon manganese alloy .



(1) About manganese ore

The price of manganese ore at the port rose slightly by 0.5 yuan / ton, and the market was stable and rising. Some manganese ore traders who held high-cost sources in the early stage began to offer quotations for shipment. The periodic factory stocking and good support from the silicon-manganese futures market have strengthened the confidence in the manganese ore market. The market outlook pays attention to the production situation of terminal steel plants, which directly affects the demand side of manganese ore. At present, there are still many high-priced manganese ore sources in the port that were blocked in the early stage, and the gap between the cost and the spot price is still quite obvious.

(2) About Silicon manganese

The black system rebounded sharply that day, and silicon manganese broke through the 7300 line in early trading. According to the company’s early quotation, the Pingluo 12 contract will drop by 230 yuan / ton. In terms of spot, the quotations of manufacturers are mainly stable, and some of them have risen slightly, but the whole has not followed up, and the quotations have different mentalities. 6517 The mainstream quotation in the north is 7050-7150 yuan / ton, and the mainstream quotation in the south is 7150-7250 yuan / ton, which is mainly stable, and the price adjustment is more cautious. In terms of transactions, traders are generally enthusiastic, and the price pressure sentiment still exists, but the supply of low-priced goods is scarce. On the whole, the silicon-manganese market is still relatively stagnant, and the price fluctuations are limited in the short term.

(3) About Ferromanganese

Yesterday, the wind vane steel mill finalized the November high manganese price of 7,150 yuan, up 150 yuan from the previous month; medium manganese 9,700 yuan, down 100 yuan from the previous month). The market trend has been determined, high manganese is still strong, the mainstream price of 65# is 6800-6900 yuan / ton, and the durability of market demand remains to be tested. Due to the weak bidding price of steel and poor spot transaction, the mainstream transaction of 75C2.0 fell to 9100-9300 yuan / ton, and the low manganese 0.7 also fell to 10800-10900 yuan / ton.

(4) About electrolytic manganese

The stalemate in the electrolytic manganese market continues, the demand is weak, and it is difficult for the price to rise, but the factory obviously does not want to sell. Individual operators reported that it was difficult to successfully purchase 15,600 yuan / ton since the introduction, and the overall circulation of the spot has slowed down. It is not ruled out that the price will rise slightly due to this, but from the current demand side, the recognition of high prices is low.


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