Low carbon ferromanganese in steelmaking

Low-carbon ferromanganese is a ferromanganese product with low carbon content. Low-carbon ferromanganese is used in steelmaking to improve the hardness and toughness of steel, and it can effectively deoxidize the steelmaking process. Low-carbon ferromanganese is a necessary raw material for many special steel smelting, but people know little about the production method of low-carbon ferromanganese. In fact, the production method of low-carbon ferromanganese is mainly the blast furnace method, which is the most common production method of low-carbon ferromanganese. One of the methods, the production method is basically the same as casting pig iron, the principle is to extract manganese and iron from ore, but the difference is that ferromanganese steelmaking has some special regulations, these regulations are the basic system established based on blast furnace ferromanganese production Operation.

The main ferroalloy raw materials for producing low-carbon ferromanganese are manganese ore, coke, flux, combustion air, or oxygen enrichment. The raw materials are loaded into the furnace from the top of the furnace, and high-temperature air or oxygen-enriched air is blown into the furnace through the tuyere to burn the coke to obtain a high-temperature reducing gas, thereby reducing the coke. ore. The molten slag and metal accumulate at the bottom of the furnace, and through the slag outlet, the slag and iron are regularly discharged. With the melting, reaction, and discharge of the charge, and the continuous addition of new charge, the production continues.

Low-carbon ferro manganese is mainly composed of manganese and iron elements, accounting for about 92% of all elements, and a small number of trace elements. Generally, the carbon content in ferromanganese is relatively high, but the carbon content in low-carbon ferromanganese accounts for about 6%-7%. Electric furnace low-carbon ferromanganese is mainly used in casting as a deoxidizer, desulfurized, and alloy additive. Low-carbon ferromanganese alloys are widely used in steelmaking, and can also be added during casting. Most domestic steel mills use more silicomanganese, and some high manganese steel mills are also using it.


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