How to avoid ferrosilicon pulverization

Both ferrosilicon and ferrosilicon powder are crystalline substances composed of silicon and iron, but due to different work requirements, some production will need to use ferrosilicon, and some production processes will need to use ferrosilicon powder. But we know that for large pieces of ferrosilicon, ferrosilicon powder sometimes falls off, which we call ferrosilicon pulverization. What kind of impact will this situation have?

Ferrosilicon pulverization will cause a lot of losses. To solve such problems, corresponding measures can be taken to effectively avoid ferrosilicon pulverization. So how to avoid ferro-silicon pulverization, mainly from the raw materials, operation, pouring, finishing storage and storage of all links to strictly control, in order to reduce the phenomenon of ferrosilicon pulverization.



1. Control the quality of raw materials. Do not mix soil, steel slag, pig iron filings and other sundries into iron-containing raw materials, and resolutely do not buy unqualified raw materials.
2. Control the ingredients well. Under the conditions of stable raw materials, stable operation and normal furnace conditions, the proportion of impurities entering the alloy is basically stable, and the fluctuation is only within a small range. The fine material is used to enter the furnace, and the impurities brought in are less, and the impurities entering the alloy after reduction are also less.
3. The ingot molds with severe burning damage should be repaired in time. After casting, the ingot molds should be sprayed and cooled in time. The casting thickness of the product should be controlled within 80mm, generally not exceeding 100mm, so as to reduce alloy segregation. The finished product should be placed in a warehouse with a shed and processed and bagged in time to prevent rain and moisture.
4. Strengthen management and do a good job in the control of the whole process. From raw materials entering the factory to qualified materials entering the furnace, smelting operations, furnace casting, finished product processing and storage, and shipping, all links must be strictly controlled to ensure the quality of fesi, so as to reduce the occurrence of silting phenomenon of ferrosilicon.


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