Save the production cost of ferrosilicon

Ferrosilicon is a kind of ferroalloy product, which consumes a lot of electricity and waste in production. Therefore, many ferrosilicon manufacturers are trying to find various methods to achieve the energy-saving goal of ferrosilicon production, but the effect has been unstable, mainly because of the different conditions of raw material smelting furnaces in ferrosilicon production. Although the effect is unstable, we can still find better ways to save the cost of ferrosilicon production. Today, we will start from the raw materials of ferrosilicon production and tell you an effective way to save members of ferrosilicon production!

It is very effective to save the production cost of ferrosilicon!

Adjustment of reducing agent particle size

Due to the difference in strength and moisture, the average particle size of the reducing agent changes after crushing. The reducing agent with low strength and wet weight has more powder after pulverization, and the average particle size is smaller. The crushing particle size of mechanical coke with good strength is 8-20 mm, while the crushing particle size of blue carbon with poor strength is 10-30 mm. The broken particle size of high-moisture coke can be appropriately increased by 1-2 mm.

Adjust ore particle size

According to the different physical properties of silica, Zigui Mine has better strength and anti-knock performance, and has a higher melting point, and its particle size is controlled at 40-90 mm to facilitate the reduction reaction, followed by Hechuan Mine and Jiangjin Mine, whose particle size can be customized The thickness is 50-100 mm to consider the permeability and reduction reaction of the charge. Pengshui Mine has poor anti-knock performance and low melting point.

Reasonable collocation of reducing agent

According to the different physical and chemical properties of the reducing agent, the specific resistance of blue carbon is better than that of coke, and the stable carbon and strength of coke are better than blue carbon, which can improve the furnace condition. In order to improve the economic and technical indicators, when the proportion of blue carbon is about 40% , it is best to change the furnace conditions. This method of adjusting raw materials is very effective compared with the current method of saving ferrosilicon production costs. According to the raw materials for ferrosilicon production, further pretreatment of raw materials before production can reduce the burden of ferrosilicon production during smelting, so as to achieve the purpose of saving ferrosilicon production costs!



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