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Atomized/Millied ferrosilicon 15% is a type of ferrosilicon alloy that contains approximately 15% silicon and the remaining percentage as iron. Ferrosilicon is commonly used in various industrial applications, including diamond mining. Here’s how atomized ferrosilicon 15% can be applied in diamond mining:

Low Silicon FeSi 15 Powder

Low Silicon FeSi 15 Powder

Dense Media Separation (DMS): Diamond mining often involves the use of dense media separation, a process that separates diamonds from other materials based on their density. Atomized ferrosilicon 15% is used as a dense media material in this process. The dense media is created by suspending the ferrosilicon particles in water, forming a dense slurry. Diamonds, being heavy, will sink in the slurry, while lighter materials will float. This allows for the effective separation and recovery of diamonds.

Ore Pre-Concentration: In some diamond mining operations, pre-concentration of ore is carried out to remove a significant portion of the waste material before further processing. Atomized ferrosilicon 15% can be used as a heavy media material in ore pre-concentration systems. The ore is mixed with the ferrosilicon slurry, and based on their densities, the heavier diamond-bearing material will sink while lighter waste material will float, allowing for efficient separation.

Sink-Float Testing: ferrosilicon 15% is also used in laboratory settings for sink-float testing. This testing method determines the density characteristics of diamond-bearing samples. By mixing the sample with a ferrosilicon slurry of known density, the diamond-bearing material’s specific gravity can be determined by observing whether it sinks or floats in the slurry.

Overall, atomized ferrosilicon 15% is employed in diamond mining primarily for dense media separation, ore pre-concentration, and sink-float testing. These applications help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of diamond recovery processes by utilizing the density differences between diamond-bearing material and waste material.


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