Special functions of ferrosilicon alloy

Ferrosilicon alloy is a very common alloy material. It is often used as a deoxidizer and desulfurizer in industrial processing. However, in addition to these basic deoxidation and desulfurization functions, ferrosilicon also has some special functions. Ferrosilicon can also be used Alloying agent to produce some products such as silicon steel, spring steel, etc. Silicon can improve the magnetic permeability of steel, and page can reduce the loss of hysteresis of steel. Ferrosilicon has many advantages as an alloying agent.

Ferrosilicon production operates continuously. According to the feeding situation of the furnace, small batches are continuously fed into the furnace, and the alloy accumulated in the furnace is discharged regularly. The prepared furnace materials are accurately weighed according to the specified ratio. The batching should be carried out in the prescribed order so that the charge can be evenly mixed. The density of silica, the density of steel shavings, and the density of raw materials should be carried out in accordance with a suitable ratio. In order to ensure that the charge can be mixed evenly after it is lowered from the material pipe, whether the charge is mixed evenly has a great impact on smelting. In order to make the charge evenly mixed , only one batch of material is allowed to be weighed each time, and each material should not exceed two batches of material. Ferrosilicon can be smelted in continuous production in large, medium and small submerged arc furnaces. Furnace types are fixed and rotary. Rotary electric furnaces have been widely used in this year, because the rotation of the hearth can reduce the consumption of raw materials and electric energy, reduce the labor intensity of processing furnace materials and improve labor productivity. There are integral and two-stage rotary electric furnaces. Most of the furnaces are in the shape of a garden. The bottom of the furnace and the working layer of the lower part of the furnace are built with carbon bricks, and the upper part of the furnace is built with clay bricks and self-baking electrodes are used.

We can fully apply this alloy material in daily industrial processing. Ferrosilicon alloy can also improve the hardness and elasticity of steel structures. In non-ferrous metals, adding organic compounds that are not ferroalloys can produce silicon in the production. Ferrosilicon alloy is a good raw material in steelmaking.

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