The smelting method and function of ferrosilicon and the factors affecting the price of ferrosilicon

Ferrosilicon is an alloy made of silica, coke, and steel shavings and smelted in an electric furnace. Silica is rich in resources in Ningxia and Qinghai, Inner Mongolia of China. The coke is made of metallurgical coke (made by high-temperature dry distillation of coal, including foundry coke, blast furnace coke, and ferroalloy coke. Since 90% of metallurgical coke is used for blast furnace ironmaking, Also called blast furnace coke). Steel shavings are different from iron shavings. Steel shavings are processed from steel. They are blue in color, shiny, and have good coherence. These ingredients are transported to the inside of the electric furnace through the charge, and when heated to a high temperature, the silicon element inside the silica begins to It has good activity with oxygen, silicon, and oxygen are combined to form silicon dioxide, and a large amount of heat is released. Impurities in molten steel react with silicon and float to the surface. Refining to obtain the content required by the national standard. When ferrosilicon is smelted, the by-products include micro-silica fume collected by dust removal equipment. They also have functions and can be used in concrete to strengthen the cohesion of concrete. The cleaned slag can also be processed to obtain FeSi with relatively low content.

The ferrosilicon produced is generally a natural block, the color of the section is whitish, and the standard is 75a. 75b, 75c, and 65# are the commonly used ferrosilicon indicators in the market now. Ferrosilicon has a large amount of effect. It can be used as a deoxidizer for steelmaking, inoculant, and spheroidizer for casting, and alloy additives (Silicon, barium, silicon, calcium, silicon, aluminum, silicon, barium, silicon, aluminum, barium, calcium, etc. all require ferrosilicon for alloy smelting), and can also be used to produce magnesium. It has a wide range of uses and a large amount. There is also particle size (divided into powder, granule, standard block, natural block), and packaging (divided into bulk cargo, ton bag, small bag with 25kg, 10kg, etc.), which also has a certain relationship with the sales price of ferrosilicon. Pay attention to rainproof measures during transportation, because FeSi is easy to pulverize in case of moisture and water.

ferrosilicon alloy

What are the factors that affect the price of ferrosilicon? First of all, for raw materials, silica, coke, and steel shavings, the increase is not that big, and secondly, electricity, as the main production cost, has a great impact, and there is a lot of news about power cuts and shutdowns in recent policies, smelting furnaces are shut down, and the supply cannot keep up, the price began to rise. The third is that the normal recovery of import and export trade is good, the demand is increasing, and the supply is less than the demand, which also affects the price. The fourth is the policy, limiting electricity and production for environmental protection.


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