Ferrosilicon production

Ferrosilicon is an important ferroalloy material widely used in steel manufacturing, casting, and other fields. This article will introduce the production method of ferrosilicon and related information.

1. Raw material preparation

The main raw materials for ferrosilicon production are quartz ore, coke, iron ore, etc. In the production process, the raw materials need to be pretreated such as crushing, screening, and proportioning.


2. Melting process

The production of ferrosilicon usually adopts an electric furnace smelting process. The process is mainly divided into three stages:

(1) Preheating stage: the furnace is heated to a certain temperature to ensure the smooth progress of subsequent melting.

(2) Melting stage: Put the pretreated raw material into the furnace and heat it with an electric current to melt it. During the melting process, an appropriate amount of oxidant needs to be added to promote the smelting reaction.

(3) Tapping stage: After smelting, pour the molten ferrosilicon into the mold for cooling and forming to form ferrosilicon ingots.

3. Quality control

In the production process of ferrosilicon, it is necessary to strictly control parameters such as raw materials, furnace temperature, and current to ensure the stable quality of ferrosilicon produced. At the same time, it is necessary to carry out laboratory analysis of the finished product to ensure that the ferrosilicon ingot meets the relevant standards.


4. Environmental protection measures

The waste gas and wastewater generated in the ferrosilicon production process need to be properly treated to protect the environment. At present, many ferrosilicon production enterprises have adopted advanced environmental protection equipment and technology, effectively reducing environmental pollution.

In short, the production process of ferrosilicon is complicated, and it is necessary to precisely control parameters such as raw materials, temperature, and current to ensure product quality. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to environmental protection and adopt advanced environmental protection equipment and technology to reduce environmental pollution.


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