Ferrosilicon price on 2022, Oct, 20

Ferrosilicon price

2022-10-20: Ferrosilicon was quoted at Fesi 72# 8000-8200 this morning, and Fesi 75# 8900-9100 yuan/ton (Ferrosilicon Natural Block EXW Price), and now the company’s shipments of Ningxia 11 contracts range from 230 to 330. The black line fell as a whole, and the rebar futures market continued to decline, and it continued to test new lows. The steel market was in a pattern of weak supply and demand. The ferrosilicon futures market was affected by the rectification of Fugu semi-coke, and compared with other black varieties, the performance was still down.

In general: the market of ferro silicon has not changed significantly. The Qinghai safety inspection circulating in the market has no effect. The rectification of semi-coke will not affect the production of ferrosilicon. The biggest impact is the cost of ferrosilicon, but the price of semi-coke depends not only on supply and demand, but also on raw coal Price is also an important factor. At present, the price of blue carbon has not changed. It is expected that the short-term ferrosilicon spot will operate stably.

What is ferrosilicon?

Ferrosilicon is a ferroalloy – an alloy of iron and silicon. The average silicon content varies between 15% and 90 %. It contains a high proportion of iron silicides. Ferrosilicon is produced by the reduction of silica or sand with coke in presence of iron.

There are different grades of Ferrosilicon for different application needs. The grade of Ferrosilicon is determined by three properties or behavioral characteristics (which are interrelated), namely Density, Viscosity and Stability. The operating is the deciding factor when it comes to selecting the right medium grade for a specific application. The ideal medium grade would offer high stability and low viscosity, which is required for effective media separation.

Ferrosilicon is known to possess good resistance to abrasion, good resistance to corrosion, high specific gravity, and high magnetism, which allows easy magnetic recovery. The melting point and density of ferrosilicon depend on its silicon content and it is available at a low cost.

China Ferrosilicon Industry

What is ferrosilicon used for?

Fe-Si is mainly used during steelmaking and in foundries for the production of C steels, stainless steels as a deoxidizing agent and for the alloying of steel and cast iron. It is used as a reducing agent, particularly in the production of stainless steel. As a reducing agent, Si reacts with chromium (Cr) oxides to form Si oxides, returning Cr to the liquid steel, and thus increasing the overall Cr recovery of the process.


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