What are the characteristics of ferrosilicon alloy crushing process

The ferroalloy composed of iron and silicon is a ferrosilicon alloy, which is widely used in the smelting industry. Ferrosilicon powder is a powdered substance made of ferrosilicon alloy after grinding. We all know that the pulverization of ferrosilicon is limited by many conditions, so we need to pay attention to the pulverization of ferrosilicon alloys. The biggest limitation of ferrosilicon crushing is that it is easily oxidized when crushed to a certain particle size, and the oxidized ferrosilicon powder will lose its original function. Therefore, the material temperature must be controlled to prevent oxidation.

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Relying on a single machine to grind ferro silicon powder to achieve the required finished product particle size must be prevented from being oxidized by vacuuming, argon (or nitrogen), and other measures. Therefore, the ferrosilicon alloy crushing process is required to form a complete production process. The temperature of the material is controlled at room temperature or low temperature through the air cooling and water cooling system, thus completely solving the problem of easy oxidation of ferrosilicon, and no fire or oxidation during the crushing process. , pollution-free, uninterrupted, with the ability of continuous production, As a mineral substance, ferrosilicon has high hardness and large specific gravity, so the wear and tear of equipment are more serious. To this end, the main engine and auxiliary equipment are required to be made of high-quality stainless steel, and the pipeline is made of polymer wear-resistant materials (or lined with wear-resistant materials), which overcomes the shortcoming of frequent replacement of wearing parts. The pulverization of ferrosilicon alloys requires our special attention, especially the problem that ferrosilicon alloy is easily oxidized.


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