75 Ferrosilicon Inoculants

With the upgrade of the smelting process, some traditional metallurgical materials can no longer support the use of the new process. Inoculant is a new type of composite material following the birth of this material. It has many benefits and its use can be seen in many industries, but in this issue, we focus on the role of inoculants in the cast iron industry.

Cast iron is less expensive than steel. Now that cast iron is widely used in construction, manufacturing, and other industries, inoculants are important ferroalloy products for the production of ductile and gray iron. It has a remarkable effect of preventing casting shrinkage and has the advantages of desulfurization, deoxidation, degassing, and purification.

During the manufacture of ductile iron, the inoculants used for production usually have to graphitize the cast iron. Adding a certain amount of inoculant can effectively prevent the formation of carbides in iron and promote the precipitation and spheroidization of graphite. Therefore, the inoculant in the production of ductile iron is an important inoculant (helps graphite rolling) and nodularizer, which has great benefits in production.

With the increasing use of cast iron in industry, inoculants are also widely used in the cast iron industry. Due to its advantages, the quality of cast iron can be better improved when using cast iron, and the production cost of the manufacturer can be reduced to improve the benefit of the manufacturer. Currently, many manufacturers in the cast iron industry buy inoculant simply because it is very useful in the iron industry.

The types of ferrosilicon on the market can be divided into ferrosilicon blocks, ferrosilicon granules, ferrosilicon balls, ferrosilicon powder, and so on. Ferrosilicon also has many uses, such as being used as an inoculant, that is, ferrosilicon inoculant, which is mainly used in steelmaking, ironmaking, and casting. However, compared with other types of inoculants, ferrosilicon inoculants also have many characteristics and functions.

75 Ferrosilicon inoculant is a kind of inoculant that can promote graphitization, reduce whitening tendency, improve graphite morphology and distribution, increase the number of eutectic groups, and refine the matrix structure. It has a good effect in a short time after inoculation treatment. It is mainly suitable for general or post-instantaneous pregnancy in various situations. In the production of ductile iron, inoculation is an essential process due to the relatively large tendency of supercooling. The main function of using 75 ferrosilicon inoculant for inoculation treatment is to increase the number of graphite nodules in ductile iron, improve its roundness, refine graphite nodules, prevent nodularization recession, reduce the tendency of white mouth, and prevent the formation of eutectic clusters Between the formation of free cementite and segregation. The most important thing is that adding inoculants can increase the number of graphite cores in the solidification process of ductile iron, and then increase the number of eutectic clusters to improve the mechanical properties of ductile iron. The inoculant commonly used in the production of ductile iron in my country is ferrosilicon. The content of Ca and Al which play an important role in inoculation in this ferrosilicon is not specifically limited, which makes the inoculation effect very unstable and makes the produced nodular cast iron Components often form various organizational deficiencies. After the 1990s, on the basis of the introduction of foreign technology, the research and application of domestic inoculants have made great progress, and the development of ferrosilicon inoculants containing strontium, rare earth inoculants, silicon barium inoculants, etc. has greatly enriched The types and application ranges of cast iron inoculants are introduced. The practice has shown that the current series of inoculants in my country can basically meet the needs of iron casting production and development. However, the amount of ferrosilicon inoculants still accounts for more than 80% of the total amount of cast iron inoculants, resulting in very unstable inoculation effects and often scrapped castings. Therefore, the development of 75 FeSi inoculants plays a vital role in improving the quality of iron castings, and the ability to produce qualified inoculant products that meet the requirements has become a crucial factor restricting the development of the iron casting industry.

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