Ferrosilicon inoculants

Ferrosilicon inoculants are easier to dissolve and absorb than ordinary inoculants and can promote the extraction of ideal graphite spheres from gray iron, improve the spheroidization level, and significantly reduce the tendency of whitening. The ferrosilicon inoculant has a low melting point (close to 1300°C), which is easy to melt and absorb during inoculation treatment, and has very little scum. The ferrosilicon inoculant has the strong anti-recession ability, prevents inoculation decline and spheroidization decline, has a stable chemical composition, and small deviation of composition and quality. Special inoculants containing RE, etc. can be produced according to the needs of users.

The main function of ferrosilicon inoculant:

1. The inoculant strongly increases the graphitization core, refines graphite, promotes the extraction of A-type graphite from gray iron castings, and improves strength. For ductile iron castings, it can make the graphite in ductile iron fine and round, and improve the nodularization level.

2. Significantly reduce the whitening tendency, reduce the relative hardness, and improve the machining performance of castings.

3. Strong anti-recession ability, the anti-recession time is twice that of 75Si, and its added amount is less than half of that of 75 ferrosilicon inoculant, and at the same time, it can prevent the associated spheroidization and recession.

4. The wall thickness sensitivity of the inoculant is small and the tissue is uniform.

The use of ferrosilicon inoculants:

When using a high-efficiency inoculant, it must be placed in the molten iron. Of course, it can flow out together with the molten iron during tapping. In order to obtain a good pouring effect, there are very strict operating requirements. High-efficiency inoculants are very prone to decay. In order to prevent this from happening, we need to increase the nodularization rate of high-efficiency inoculants, so that the smoothness of the product surface can be improved very well. There will be no unevenness or sensitivity. We must also pay attention to improving the elongation rate when producing high-efficiency inoculants.

Product characteristics of ferrosilicon inoculant:

1. When reducing the white mouth, the number of eutectic groups will not be significantly increased, so the degree of porosity increased due to inoculation can be reduced. Improve the pressure resistance of castings.

2. The surface section of the inoculant is very uniform, and it is also quite good in terms of anti-recession ability.

3. The melting point is quite low. It has good solubility, the demand cannot be effectively controlled, no waste will be caused, and the inoculation effect is very significant.

The inoculant has stable performance, low melting point, good solubility, and allows a lower inoculation temperature. The outstanding feature of the inoculant is that it does not significantly increase the number of eutectic clusters while reducing whiteness, so it can reduce the tendency of shrinkage porosity and improve the compactness and water pressure resistance of castings. When using an inoculant, it must be placed in the molten iron, and it can flow out together with the molten iron during tapping. In order to obtain a good pouring effect, there are very strict operating requirements for the inoculant.

Inoculant selection method:

1. When purchasing inoculants, we must pay attention to the following factors. During the entire casting process, we must choose according to the actual product requirements. In addition, we must also consider the quality of cast iron.

2. We often need to cool it in the process of casting iron, we should pay attention to observing the cooling speed, if it is too fast, we can choose the rare earth to cool it.

Product advantages of inoculants:

The inoculant is to adjust the composition of Al and Ca to the minimum as possible and performs special treatment, so this product has a good effect on preventing shrinkage cavity and slag defects and preventing thin-walled or uneven-thickness quenched parts from whitening. Cast iron has good elongation and impact toughness, but the microsegregation of silicon in iron increases with the increase of phosphorus content, and the segregation becomes more serious, and has a bad influence on mechanical properties, especially when the temperature is lower than zero. Larger, but low in sulfur, you can use low-magnesium and low-rare-earth nodulizers to spheroidize, and reduce the generation of “black spots” defects, low-silicon nodulizers, and “black spots” are mainly magnesium, cerium sulfide, and oxides Aggregates, in addition, low silicon nodulizers should be used to ensure multiple inoculations.

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