What are the types of iron alloy deoxidizers?

Common types of ferroalloy deoxidizers include ferrosilicon alloy, manganese silicon alloy and ferromanganese alloy. These three alloys are among the top three alloys in the market in terms of output and consumption. In addition to deoxidizing, they can also be used as alloy additives to improve the toughness, plasticity, corrosion resistance and other properties of steel by adding some metals.

Deoxidation refers to the removal of oxygen from steel during steelmaking. If the molten steel is not deoxidized, the continuous casting billet will not get the correct solidification structure. High oxygen content in steel will also produce defects such as subcutaneous bubbles and looseness, and aggravate the harm of sulfur. The generated oxides left in the steel will reduce the mechanical properties of the steel. Therefore, the excess oxygen in the steel must be removed. The most direct way to remove excess oxygen from steel is to add ferroalloy deoxidizer. Similarly, there are iron alloy desulfurizer, iron alloy dephosphorization agent, etc.

Ferrosilicon is a common deoxidizer. Among many deoxidizers, ferrosilicon not only has obvious deoxidizing effect, but also has relatively low price, so it is loved by many steel smelting manufacturers.

Various applications of ferrosilicon

1. Ferrosilicon is an indispensable deoxidizer in steelmaking industry; In torch steel, ferrosilicon is used for precipitation deoxidation and diffusion deoxidation.

2. High silicon ferrosilicon or siliceous alloy is used as reducing agent to produce low carbon ferroalloy in ferroalloy industry. The addition of ferrosilicon to cast iron can be used as an inoculant for ductile iron, prevent the formation of carbides, promote the precipitation and spheroidization of graphite, and improve the properties of cast iron.

3. Ferrosilicon powder can be used as suspended phase in mineral processing industry, as coating for welding rod in welding rod manufacturing industry, and as silicone and other products in chemical industry.

4. Ferrosilicon is often used in the high-temperature smelting process of metallic magnesium in the Pidgeon process of magnesium smelting. The magnesium in CaO. MgO is replaced. Each ton of metallic magnesium produced will consume about 1.2 tons of ferrosilicon, which plays a great role in the production of metallic magnesium.



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