What is the market price of ferrosilicon on October 19?

“FerroAlloy Online” 2022-10-19: The market price of ferrosilicon is temporarily stable, and the inquiry is general.

The market price of ferrosilicon is temporarily stable today, and the factory ferro silicon lumps EXW prices at first about:72# 8000-8200 yuan / ton, 75# 8900-9100 yuan / ton, 65# 7750 yuan / ton. Ferroalloy Manufacturers said that due to the decline in the futures market in the past two days, the number of inquiries decreased, and the orders were generally accepted. In October, the steel recruitment basically ended, and the market focused on delivery, waiting for a new round of demand to be released.

Ferrosilicon Lumps For Steelmaking

                                Ferrosilicon Lumps For Steelmaking

At present, the Ferrosilicon suppliers in Qinghai and Gansu offer Ferrosilicon 72# EXW price 8100-8200 yuan/ton. Most ferroalloy manufacturers arrange the production. Qinghai started a major safety inspection last week. One ferro silicon alloy factory temporarily stopped production, and the overall impact is not large. Shaanxi EXW price of Fesi 72# 8000-8100 yuan / ton, Fesi 75# 9000-9100 yuan / ton, the local 75# supply is still tight, on the one hand, the local 75# ferroalloy factory is not fully opened, and on the other hand, due to the epidemic control, there are fewer foreign supply sources. Inner Mongolia EXW price natural block fesi 75#9000-9050 yuan/ton, 72#8200-8300 yuan/ton, 65#7750 yuan/ton. Anyang EXW price does not include tax fesi 72#7600-7700 yuan / ton.

Fesi 75 72 As Deoxidizer For Iron Casting

                           Fesi 75 72 As Deoxidizer For Iron Casting

In general: the high cost of ferrosilicon raw materials is still supported, the supply has gradually recovered, the daily ferro silicon production has recovered to around 15,400 tons, the demand-side export data will be announced tomorrow, and the ferrosilicon export volume is expected to decrease, the production of metal magnesium plants is stable, and the demand is stable. In the first ten days of October, the daily production of crude steel decreased slightly, and we will pay attention to whether there is a policy reduction in production. In general, it is expected that ferrosilicon will maintain a fluctuating operation in the short term, and the follow-up market will pay attention to changes in epidemic control and policy trends.

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