Development status of high carbon ferrochromium

High carbon ferrochromium, also known as carbon ferrochromium, is an iron alloy composed of chromium and iron, which is non-toxic and harmless. The appearance of high carbon ferro chromium is block-shaped, and the weight of each piece shall not exceed 15kg, and the size shall not exceed 5% of the total weight when the size is less than 20×20mm.

high carbon ferrochromium

                           high carbon ferrochromium

China’s high-carbon ferrochromium industry began in the 1950s when Jilin Ferroalloy Factory bring in the former Soviet Union’s open submerged arc furnace technology to produce high-carbon ferrochromium. Then, Zhejiang Hengshan Ferroalloy Factory, Shanghai Ferroalloy Factory, Hunan Ferroalloy Factory, Jinzhou Ferroalloy Factory and Chongqing Ferroalloy Factory also produced high-carbon ferrochrome one after.

There are more than 100 high-carbon ferrochromium enterprises in China, which are distributed in 15 provinces (autonomous regions). Traditionally, the distribution of high-carbon ferrochromium enterprises in China is mainly based on the proximity of energy and resources. In 2014, with the adjustment of national and local policies, the layout of the domestic high-carbon ferrochromium industry has undergone relatively obvious changes. Due to factors such as electricity bills and superior transportation conditions in Inner Mongolia, many high-carbon ferrochromium enterprises have gathered in Inner Mongolia.

In recent years, the production capacity of high-carbon ferrochromium in Inner Mongolia has expanded rapidly and has become the largest high-carbon ferrochromium production area in China. The current domestic production capacity pattern of high carbon ferrochrome is as follows: Sichuan and Guizhou are the main areas in the southwest, Qinghai and Ningxia are the main areas in the northwest, and Inner Mongolia is the main area in the north.

The “2021-2025 China High-Carbon Ferrochrome Industry Market Research Report” shows that high-carbon ferrochrome is the main raw material for the production of stainless steel, as well as an important raw material for the production of tool steel, ball bearing steel, heat-strength steel, etc. In recent years, China’s stainless steel market has tended to stabilize and fluctuate, or it may rise slightly, but it has not achieved the effect of a sharp increase. It is difficult for stainless steel enterprises that have announced maintenance and production reduction to resume production ahead of schedule. The development of downstream industries directly affects the market demand for high carbon ferrochromium. Therefore, the overall growth of China’s high carbon ferrochromium industry is not large.

The continuous development of the world’s high-carbon ferrochromium production technology has also promoted the technological progress of China’s high-carbon ferrochromium industry. By valuing the importance of the high-carbon ferrochromium industry and increasing investment in scientific research, China’s high-carbon ferrochromium industry will develop in the technical direction of saving energy and labor, simple and reliable technology, easy operation, and low investment, and promote intelligentization. Production and artificial intelligence applications to build a technology-based enterprise.



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