High-carbon ferrosilicon

Advantages of high-carbon ferrosilicon: The deoxidation system in the smelting process is a key process for producing high-quality steel. As the most common active deoxidizer in the steelmaking process, aluminum is widely used in major steelmaking plants. Especially in the production of aluminum-containing steel, aluminum is not only used as a deoxidizer, but also as one of the alloying elements in molten steel, resulting in the consumption of about 2kg of aluminum per ton of steel during the production of aluminum, which increases production costs and reduces Economic benefits of steel production enterprises. With the downturn in the steel market, reducing production costs has become the main way for various steel companies to increase profits. To reduce the consumption of aluminum in the production of aluminum-containing steel, high-carbon ferrosilicon can be used as a bright spot to tap potential and reduce costs, and the benefits are considerable.

High-carbon ferrosilicon deoxidation is used to smelt aluminum-containing steel. The process includes molten iron desulfurization pretreatment, converter smelting, tapping deoxidation and slagging alloying, LF refining furnace slag deoxidation and desulfurization, soft stirring, and continuous casting; it is characterized in that converter smelting Including deep desulfurization process, slag blocking process and tapping deoxidation.


   High-carbon ferrosilicon

(1) In the deep desulfurization operation, the hot metal entering the furnace must be desulfurized pre-treated and slag cleaned, and [S]<0.010% is required to control the impurities in the scrap steel and reduce the sulfur content when the converter is tapped;

(2) Slag blocking operation, the amount of slag blocking during tapping is <3kg/t;

(3) Tapping deoxidation. Tapping adopts a comprehensive deoxidation method of high-carbon ferrosilicon and aluminum block, and silicon carbide is added according to the oxygen content at the end of converter blowing (sub-lance TS0 value): 1. The oxygen content at the end of blowing converter (sub-lance TS0 Measured value H0.0400%) only add 0.50Kg/t steel high-carbon ferrosilicon, without adding aluminum block; then add 20Kg aluminum block for every 0.010% oxygen, S P: Aluminum block addition = [Oxygen content at the end of the converter (sub-gun TS0 measured value) -400] X0.15Kg/t steel; time to add high-carbon ferrosilicon: start tapping -1/10~1/5 tapping time to add high-carbon ferrosilicon~ Tap 1/5 to add fishing materials~ Add the wrong square~knock until alloyed 1/3~>knock over.


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