How to make your ferroalloy sales team more professional and much stronger?

As a ferroalloy supplier and producer in China, From June we find that the working rhythm is going to get slower and the metallurgical market becomes really slow and flat, what would you do in this situation of ferroalloys?

Ferroalloy Supplier

                                                            Ferroalloy Supplier

1. Domestic: The housing market slumped—steelmakers have been forced to reduce production–ferroalloy production, such as Ferrosilicon(Fesi), Calcium silicon(Casi), Milled Fesi, Atomized Fesi, Silicon metal, Inoculant, Nodulizer, Silica fume,  most of the alloys are cust back production.

2. Export market: The cost of raw materials rose–steel industry and casting Industry ferroalloy production cost added–less demand for ferroalloy products.

3. The traditional summer lull in trading comes.

lishi Industrial ferroalloy factory

                                              Lishi Industrial ferroalloy factory

Anyang Lishi, a producer of alloy steel  products, we held a meeting to discuss our work from July:

1. Improve the training about ferroalloy product information: enter our industry workshop and learn the production schedule from workers.

2. Learn communication skills: stimulates team to learn from each other with “Replay” Training.

3. Change the concept and enhance the sense of good service.

Lishi Industrial ferroalloy export

                                               Lishi Industrial ferroalloy export

Lishi industrial will intensify its Self-competitive Power to Face the cruel challenge, and be ready to face the diversified competition strategy, trying our best to get more confidence from our domestic and overseas customers.

Lishi industrial insists on quality-based and credit-guaranteed, and hope to build a win-win business relationship with you!


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