It has been nearly 100 years since the inoculant was discovered and named today. There are mainly ferrosilicon inoculants, silicon barium inoculants, carbon-based inoculants, cast iron inoculants, etc. There are many kinds of inoculants, suitable for different production processes. Requirements for inoculants. Its main function is to promote graphitization, reduce white button tendency, refine grain, reduce segregation, make grain structure uniform, improve mechanical strength, improve crystal and graphite morphology and distribution; reduce casting internal stress and wall thickness sensitivity sex. The emergence of inoculants has promoted the development of gray cast iron and made the production process of ductile iron and vermicular graphite iron more perfect.


Type of inoculant

Inoculants are classified according to their composition and use. If classified by composition, inoculants include ferrosilicon inoculants, silicon barium inoculants, rare earth inoculants, carbon-based inoculants, etc. Anyang Lishi Industry currently has silicon barium inoculants and ferrosilicon inoculants in stock. If necessary, you can contact us.

Ferrosilicon inoculants have different use values and market prices due to their different index contents. The inoculation effect of 45FeSi inoculant is poor, and the use cost of 85FeSi is too high, so steel mills and foundries often use 75FeSi and 72FeSi as inoculants. Ca and Al in ferrosilicon have a great influence on the inoculation effect, among which Ca has a greater influence, and when it is greater than 0.5%, it has a strong graphitization ability. The aluminum content of 75 ferrosilicon is 1.5%, and the aluminum content of 72 ferrosilicon is 2%. Ferrosilicon inoculants are generally 0.2-0.8mm flow-type inoculants with particle sizes of 1-3mm and 3-8mm.

Silicon barium inoculants are mainly used in the production of gray cast iron and ductile iron. The use of silicon-barium inoculant in ductile iron can significantly increase the number of graphite balls; it can reduce the tendency of whitening, refine grains, promote graphitization and improve the shape of graphite when used in gray cast iron. In addition to improving the mechanical properties, the silicon-barium inoculant also has a strong anti-recession ability. Silicon-barium inoculants are mostly used as inoculants containing 2-4% barium. Silicon-barium inoculants are generally 0.2-0.8mm flow-type inoculants with particle sizes of 1-3mm and 3-8mm.


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