Briefly describe the advantages of silicon barium calcium inoculant

Silicon-barium-calcium inoculant is a good steelmaking material, which can be used as a deoxidizer and has good deoxidation and desulfurization effects. For the convenience of practical use, the silicon-barium-calcium inoculant is mostly in the form of small blocks. Understanding the advantages of the silicon-barium-calcium inoculant will facilitate our better use.

Advantages of silicon barium calcium inoculant

Adding a certain amount of silicon-barium-calcium inoculant in steel smelting can not only effectively remove excess oxygen in steel, but also desulfurize, phosphorus and other impurities, and has a good smelting effect for some low-phosphorus and sulfur steel types. In addition, silicon barium calcium also has a good effect when used as an inoculant, which can promote graphitization and improve graphite morphology and distribution. Let’s follow the silicon barium calcium manufacturer of Lishi Industrial to see the effect of silicon barium calcium as an inoculant.

Compared with ferrosilicon, the ability of graphitization, increasing the number of eutectic clusters, improving the cross-section structure and hardness uniformity of different thicknesses is stronger, and the decay speed is slower. When the same amount is added, the tensile strength is increased by 20-30N/mm2 with barium ferrosilicon than with ferrosilicon.

Compared with ferrosilicon, the range of casting hardness change is small when the addition amount changes. When the addition amount is the same, the hardness difference on different sections of the ladder test block is small, which promotes the precipitation of uniform and fine A-type graphite. Adding barium ferrosilicon to molten iron after spheroidization can increase the number of graphite spheroids, improve roundness, eliminate cementite, and disperse or reduce phosphorus eutectic. It has a very weak spheroidizing effect and a weak stabilizing pearlite effect. Excessive barium content does not significantly increase the effect, preferably 4-6%. Aluminum also plays a role in deoxidation and graphitization. Too much aluminum is easy to produce pores 1-2% is better, 8-10% manganese in barium ferrosilicon can lower the melting point, increase the specific gravity, improve its solubility, and have no obvious influence on the strength and whitening tendency of the casting after inoculation . In order to reduce costs, manganese may not be included. The silicon content of manganese-free ones should be higher than the upper limit, and the false specific gravity of barium ferrosilicon is 3.0-3.3. The melting temperature range is 1170-1250°C. The solubility is slightly better than that of ferrosilicon. It is easy to oxidize in humid air.

When silicon barium calcium is used as a deoxidizer, the Chinese Academy of Sciences is added to molten steel to increase the solubility of calcium in molten steel. Compared with other deoxidizers, the content of calcium is significantly increased. It can be seen that barium effectively protects calcium in molten steel and reduces The oxidation of calcium is prevented, so as to achieve the purpose of calcium treatment of molten steel. The effect of the use of the silicon barium calcium inoculant is obvious to all, and it has also been well received by many customers. You can also consult Anyang Lishi Industrial Co., Ltd. at any time for the use methods and skills related to the inoculant. All the staff of the factory will serve you wholeheartedly!



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