Five types of inoculants

There are many types of inoculants for treating cast iron on the market, but the most common ones are those containing barium, silicon, strontium, silicon-barium and rare earth alloys.


Barium-containing inoculants have a strong ability to promote graphitization, which can improve the morphology and distribution of graphite in thin-walled castings. Moreover, it can delay the effect of gestation and decline, and it is not necessary to add too much when processing. If too much is added, it may be counterproductive.

The most common silicon-containing inoculant is 75 ferrosilicon. The content of calcium and aluminum in it plays an important role in the inoculation effect. It has been reported that ferrosilicon without calcium and aluminum has little inoculation effect on gray cast iron. It may also not work.

The strontium-containing inoculant has a stronger ability to eliminate white spots, and it is more obvious that it is beneficial to improve the morphology and distribution of graphite in the thin-walled process. The structure difference at different thicknesses is reduced, and the supercooled structure is only seen on the surface of the casting.

The inoculant containing silicon-barium alloy is also better in reducing the whitening tendency of cast iron, and can make the time of inoculation effect longer, increasing to about 30 minutes, suitable for large castings, adding 0.1% of the alloy when processing is all right .

The effect of the inoculant containing rare earth is better among these types. Adding an appropriate amount of rare earth inoculant in the inoculation can be several times better than 75 ferrosilicon. Decline, but also pay attention to the amount of addition, if it is added too much, it will cause supercooling when the cast iron crystallizes, and there will be cementite structure.

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