Low Carbon Ferrochrome

Low-carbon ferrochromium contains 30% gas (mainly N2 and H2), when used in steelmaking, these gases will float on the interface between molten steel and slag, increasing the combustion loss of chromium and reducing the recovery rate; Bubbles of iron-chromium can cause a lot of metal loss during crushing and packaging. Vacuum treatment of low-carbon ferrochrome is a casting process that reduces the gas content of the alloy. Put the molten iron ladle filled with liquid ferrochrome into the vacuum chamber, and after sealing it, use a vacuum pump to pump air for about 5 to 7 minutes, and the vacuum degree reaches 10.6 kPa to 13.3 kPa. Then break the vacuum, take out the ladle, and cast again to achieve the purpose of reducing inclusions and gas, and the surface is smooth and flat, reducing damage and packaging loss.

Low-carbon ferrochrome has low heat capacity, fast solidification speed, and good die-casting properties, and also be used as a large amount of charge for smelting stainless steel, reducing production costs. LC ferrochrome is used in the production of medium and low-carbon structural steel, carburizing steel, and gears. In addition, its high-pressure fan blades and valve plates are also common. If micro-carbon ferrochromium is used, it can be used to produce stainless steel, acid-resistant steel, heat-resistant steel, and electrothermal alloys.

The main uses of low-carbon ferrochrome include

(1) As an alloying agent for ball steel, tool steel, and high-carbon high-speed steel, it can improve the hardenability of steel, improve the wear resistance and hardness of steel;

(2) As an additive of cast iron, it can improve the wear resistance and hardness of cast iron, so that cast iron has good heat resistance;

(3) It is used as chromium-containing raw material for the production of silicon-chromium alloy and medium-low carbon ferrochrome by slag-free method;

(4) Used as chromium-containing raw materials for electrolytic production of chromium metal;

(5) It is used as a raw material for oxygen blowing to smelt stainless steel.

Three precautions for LC ferrochrome storage

1. Low-carbon ferrochromium is generally stored in warehouses. The environment of the warehouse should be ventilated, cool, and dry to avoid deterioration of low-carbon ferrochrome and damage to the packaging. Before storage, check whether the packaging of low-carbon ferrochromium is damaged, whether the seal of the packaging bag is damaged and whether the product should not be stored for too long.

2. Avoid fire, heat, and other high-temperature places during storage. Low-carbon ferrochromium cannot be stored together with alkaline and toxic substances, so as to avoid chemical reactions during storage, which may cause product deterioration or produce toxic gases and other hazards.

3. During the storage of low-carbon ferrochromium, attention should be paid to rainy weather, so as to prevent rainwater from seeping into the warehouse when it rains.


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