Low Carbon Ferrochrome

LC FeCr is a ferroalloy composed of iron, chromium, and carbon with a reduced carbon content compared to traditional ferrochrome. Some key properties of LC FeCr include:

Low carbon content: LC FeCr contains significantly reduced carbon levels, resulting in improved environmental performance and reduced greenhouse gas emissions during production.

High chromium content: LC FeCr possesses a high percentage of chromium, providing excellent corrosion resistance and enhancing the alloy’s durability.

Enhanced workability: The lower carbon content makes LC FeCr easier to process, enabling manufacturers to achieve complex shapes and precise specifications.

Good thermal stability: LC FeCr exhibits excellent resistance to thermal shocks, making it suitable for applications involving high-temperature environments.

Versatility: LC FeCr can be customized through alloying with other elements to achieve specific properties, making it adaptable to a wide range of applications.


The unique properties of LC FeCr have opened up diverse applications across various industries, including:

Stainless steel production: LC FeCr is a crucial ingredient in the production of stainless steel, imparting corrosion resistance and enhancing the strength and durability of the final product.

Chemical and refractory industries: LC FeCr is employed in the production of refractory materials and as an alloying agent in the manufacturing of specialty alloys used in chemical processes.

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