No ferroalloy no steel—— the importance of ferroalloy testing

For ferroalloy products, producers begin to ignore the detection link after the ferroalloy enters the stable period and is put into the market, thinking that the detection link becomes a burden to increase the cost. So should testing be ignored?

First of all, from the aspect of ferroalloy process performance, the performance of ferroalloy products largely depends on the proportion of components. When the dosage of components is deviated, the ferroalloy performance will be detected in a wide variety of ways. The alloy composition analysis, impurity detection and other items provided by the testing chemical laboratory can effectively help manufacturers to monitor the quality of ferroalloys, accurately locate the root causes of products with quality problems, and help customers quickly locate the root causes of problems.



From this perspective, necessary inspection project implementation helps manufacturers to control ferroalloy quality, optimize production process, improve product performance and so on. It is always better to monitor problems early than to solve them later. If you want to develop and grow an enterprise, you should not be bound by temporary interests. Only by looking at the problem in the long term can you get a better development prospect.

From the perspective of product sales, with the innovation and development of technology, many customers and customers have higher and higher requirements for product performance, and now more customers and customers begin to choose products from the technical level. One of the most obvious phenomena is that manufacturers are now required to test their products when they sign customer contracts. Therefore, the third-party testing of relevant products put into the market in advance can lead the customers’ ideas and effectively enhance the corporate image.

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