The specific functions of the nodulizer and the key points in the smelting process

The FeSiMg nodulizer cast iron is a gray-black solid made of ferrosilicon as the raw material. The mixing ratio of calcium, magnesium and rare earth is adjusted to the standard range to make it react smoothly and generate a rare earth material. Let’s talk about the index requirements of FeSiMg nodulizers:

1. The alloy production plant supplies qualified rare earth FeSiMgnodulizers products. It is necessary to improve the analysis of magnesium oxide, strictly control the raw and auxiliary materials, control the elements and interfering elements that promote alloy pulverization, and strengthen management.

2. To strictly implement the accurate smelting process and control the main indicators that affect the quality of nodulizers.

3. To provide the granularity required by users.

4. To train production workers so that workers understand the characteristics of the alloy and the correct method of use.

In order to ensure product quality and protect the environment during smelting, Lishi Industrial reminds everyone to pay attention to the following points:

1. The order of feeding should be correct. Make sure that magnesium and steel scrap are not in direct contact. After the low-melting point magnesium is melted, it first reacts with silicon to form the Mg-Si phase to reduce the combustion loss of magnesium.

2. Melt the ingredients to make them uniform. In addition to using the self-induction stirring of the intermediate frequency furnace, timely and appropriate manual stirring is required during the melting process of nodularizerto homogenize the alloy composition. During the smelting process, phenomena such as “magnesium running”, “shed material” and “furnace bumping” should be avoided.

3. The thickness of the alloy ingot should be reasonable. If the thickness of the ingot is too small, the surface area of the molten alloy will increase after casting and cooling, and more magnesium will be burned and oxidized during the alloy cooling process. The appropriate thickness is generally 10-15mm.

4. The sieving particle size should be classified. The solidified alloy ingots are cleaned of surface oxides and inclusions before crushing and screening. And according to the size of the user’s ladle, thehigh quality ferro-silicon magnesium nodulizer particle size is graded and packaged, but there should be no alloy powder.

It is necessary to pay attention to the uniform distribution of the elements of the nodulizer product, and the size and quality of the nodularizer product should be uniform, so as not to affect the production and processing of cast iron in practical applications.

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