Introduction to the composition and adding method of nodulizer

Nodulizers are some metals or alloys added to molten iron to obtain spherical graphite cast iron. The nodulizers commonly used in China are ferrosilicon rare earth magnesium alloys, and most foreign countries use magnesium-based nodulizers (pure magnesium and magnesium alloys). , a few countries use calcium nodulizers.

Spheroidal graphite in ductile cast iron is formed by spheroidizing molten cast iron, making it much stronger than gray cast iron and tougher than malleable cast iron, while maintaining a series of advantages of gray cast iron. However, the “spheroidizer” used in the casting of ductile iron can increase the tendency of the weld to produce a “white mouth” and hardened structure and induce cracks in the weld and heat-affected zone (especially the fusion zone). Therefore, the weldability of ductile iron is worse than that of gray cast iron.

Nodulizer ingredients: magnesium, rare earth, silicon, calcium, barium, iron, etc.

Nodulizer model: 3-8 nodulizer, 5-8 nodulizer, 7-8 nodulizer.

Nodulizer particle size: 5-30mm (can also be processed according to customer requirements), gray-black solid thickness not exceeding 100mm.

Nodulizer features strong nodulizing ability, stable composition, stable reaction, no worry of recession. Composition and particle size can be precisely controlled according to requirements.

Packaging of Nodulizer: 25 kg mother and child bag plus ton bag, or according to customer’s requirements.

Nodulizer function:

Various grades of rare earth silicon-magnesium alloy spheroidizers for ductile iron can be used for spheroidization, desulfurization, and degassing after adding molten iron, and can improve the purity of casting water. Impurities with melting point act to form insoluble iron compounds with a low melting points to eliminate these impurities, which can prevent interfering elements from destroying spheroidization.

The basic requirements of cast iron for nodulizers:

(1) Strong spheroidization ability;

(2) Abundant resources, low price, easy to melt;

(3) Strong adaptability to molten iron with various components (such as eutectic degree, sulfur content, despheroidizing elements, and alloying elements) and temperature;

(4) The kinetic conditions of the spheroidization reaction are good, the reaction is relatively stable, the reaction product is easy to remove, the dosage is small, the cooling is less, and the spheroidization treatment process is good;

Adding the method of nodulizer and quality influencing factors: composition, particle size, shape, density, MGO content, etc.

(1) Nodulizer composition is not allowed;

(2) The spheroidizing agent is pulverized, and the particle size of the alloy does not meet the requirements;

(3) The density of the nodulizer fluctuates greatly, some nodulizers float up quickly, the reaction is too violent, and safety is not guaranteed;

(4) The content of MGO is too high, the spheroidizing treatment is poor, and the amount of spheroidizing agent added is too large;

(5) Rapid decline after spheroidization treatment;

(6) After spheroidization, the white mouth tends to be large.

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