The additive that makes the graphite in cast iron crystallize into spherical shape is called “nodulizer“. The main component of “nodulizer” is nodularizing elements, such as Mg, Ce, Ca, etc. Spheroidal graphite in ductile cast iron is formed by spheroidizing molten cast iron, making it much stronger than gray cast iron and tougher than malleable cast iron, while maintaining a series of advantages of gray cast iron. However, the “spheroidizer” used in the casting of ductile iron can increase the tendency of the weld to produce “white mouth” and hardened structure, and induce cracks in the weld and heat-affected zone (especially the fusion zone). Therefore, the weldability of ductile iron is worse than that of gray cast iron.

Ferro Silico Magnesium alloys are master alloys of magnesium with iron and silicon. They facilitate the small addition of ferromagnesia, which is needed to convert graphite flakes into supergrains.

FeSiMg Features include

Higher quality castings through maximum nucleation

Improved Graphics Spherification

Fewer as-cast carbides in thin-section castings for improved machinability

Reduce heat treatment costs

Precise control of rare earth content through a single alloy addition

Higher levels of ferrite and lower hardness for a given composition and section size

A slightly higher level of pearlite promotes greater tolerance of residual elements.

Magnesium in dolomite can be produced in the Pidgeon process using ferrosilicon.


Anyang Lishi Industrial  pay special attention to using only abundant high-quality raw materials, followed by strict quality control to ensure that each product strictly adheres to national and international standards. Lishi Industrial  provide customers with excellent quality Ferro Silicon Magnesium, which is a complete alloy of Silico Magnesium. Almost all steel mills use this silicon-magnesium alloy as an oxidant for steel. The combined properties of silicon and magnesium enhance the steel’s strength, ductility, stiffness and high electrical resistance. In addition to this, customers can make the most of our Si-Mg alloys. We also started custom orders to meet customers’ special requirements. Send your inquiry now!





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